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Energy Module

Energy Module SM Services Strategies Tools Welcome to Energy Module Service The traditional deregulated environment has been a triangular relationship among client, supplier and consultant.

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Energy Module

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  1. Energy Module SM Services Strategies Tools

  2. Welcome to Energy Module Service

  3. The traditional deregulated environment has been a triangular relationship among client, supplier and consultant. This relationship was designed to create energy management solutions and purchase energy in the market. Client Supplier Consultant

  4. With the Dancor Energy Module, the system is the central hub of communications among the parties. Thus, it becomes a powerful tool for informed decisions on strategic energy management. Client Dancor Energy Module Energy Consultant Markets

  5. Dancor’s Energy Module service is comprised of three components: Tools: Web-based Data Collection and Analysis Services: Invoicing, Auditing and Markets Monitoring Strategies: Active Account Management, Procurement Strategies and Implementation

  6. Dancor Energy’s Energy Module: The foundation of Dancor’s Energy Module service is a web-based data collection and analysis database. Tools

  7. The central database is accessed through a secure website that allows you to aggregate, monitor and review your energy accounts. The data will be utilized for analysis, tracking and strategic management. Dancor’s Energy Module Client Home Page

  8. Dancors's Energy Module home page is customized with your company name, logo, summary information and key account indicators.

  9. Navigation for Dancor Energy Module is categorized by commodity. The Accounts Summary section stores multiple commodities in single reports.

  10. The home page chart provides summary information on commodity usage and budgets for all activated accounts. Corresponding tabs show summary data broken down by individual commodity.

  11. Customized key account indicators will allow you to track several system functions at a glance.

  12. Daily Commodity Market reports will be available to monitor the conditions that affect your energy budgets.

  13. The Dancor’s Energy Module system catalogues your energy data into three sections. Energy Module Client Website Documents Analysis Accounts

  14. The Accounts section provides all the administrative functions of the system. In this section, you will find metered information, usage profiles, and general system set up features.

  15. The Documents section is a customized library of all “paperwork” associated with your energy accounts. This section includes archived scanned invoices, contracts, and tariffs.

  16. The Analysis section provides several features to evaluate the current and historical status of your energy accounts. Data will be analyzed for accuracy in categories such as budgets, audits and rates.

  17. Tariff Auditing determines whether the current utility tariff you are on is the best value to you. The reports you will receive for tariff auditing include: TariffAuditing Competitive Contract Rate Analysis Analysis Analysis

  18. Invoice Auditing evaluates your utility bills each month to make sure your bills are accurately reporting your energy usage and costs. InvoiceAuditing

  19. Dancor’s Energy Module: Services Tools Services

  20. The Dancor’s Energy Module system is much more than data collection and account analysis. Dancor’s account management introduces the deregulated futures markets as well as technical factors manipulating those markets to develop proactive procurement and management strategies. Tools Services

  21. Market Updates Items such as the Daily Natural Gas report detail current wholesale trading as well as key factors affecting the marketplace.

  22. The Analysis section has several forward-looking features which are designed to manage your future energy profiles. Analysis

  23. Dancor Energy Module: Strategies Active account management and the development of procurement strategies are what makes Dancor’s Energy Module service unique in the marketplace.

  24. Your Account Manager works with your account to: Strategically manage your energy accounts and operate the Dancor’s Energy Module system Provide customized reporting Develop a risk profile Create procurement strategies Analyze your energy data and reports to make informed energy decisions

  25. Based on the account management interaction, Dancor’s consults with local personnel to develop the most effective and efficient procurement path. Tools Strategies Services

  26. After the procurement strategies are developed, Dancor’s Account Management will assist your facility in the procurement of energy in the deregulated marketplace. Procurement Strategy

  27. After procurement, Dancor’s Account Management maintains an open line of communication to monitor wholesale market conditions for targeted future procurement. Tools Strategies Services

  28. Dancors Energy Module is a full service energy package inclusive of data collection, analysis, procurement and ongoing account management.

  29. ESPG Energy Module SM Services Strategies Tools

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