What is Hip Hop Dance?
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Hip hop dance is one of the effective ways of burning calories and maintaining your health. It’s simply a kind of street dance done on the mixed tunes. To know more about this dance form, give a read to this ppt.

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What is Hip Hop Dance?

Hip Hop dance literally refers to the street dance styles and the music also evolved from the same place. People who were not good at any particular dance form took to the streets, moved their bodies sporadically to the hip hop music and brought this dance form into evolution.

Hip Hop Dance Techniques

Within hip hop dance itself are several techniques. Each has its own movements that can play off the next and all can be blended into one cohesive routine.

  • Popping

  • Locking

  • Breaking

  • Social Dance

  • Street dance


Popping is a kind of dance when the dancer gives jerks to one’s body and it feels like having muscle contractions. These movements are called pops.


Don Campbell developed this popular form of dance. Locking involves fast movements of upper half and the arms of the body, which is then locked into a particular position for short periods of time. This dance is carried on with the dramatic moves.


Breaking is often associated with hip hop. It has no proper structure, the improvised moves are done on the feet. The most interesting moves of this dance happen when the dancers are on the ground and use this form while doing it.

Social Dance

When you dance in a social environment, that dancing is called social dance. It’s just like a club dancing or party dancing. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it until you are doing on the rhythm or the tunes of the song.

Street dance

Street dance is a freestyle dance. It involves dancing moves from all over the world. It is a kind of multi- cultural, kind of dance which includes popping-locking, funk and street style.

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