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Hip-Hop Past, Present and Future What is Hip Hop? Are Hip Hop and Rap the same thing??? NO! Rap is part of Hip-Hop…but Hip Hop is more than just Rap! “Rap is what we do. Hip Hop is how we live” - KRS One What is Hip-Hop? DJ The DJ provides the beat/music…

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hip hop


Past, Present and Future

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

what is hip hop
What is Hip Hop?

Are Hip Hop and Rap the same thing???

NO! Rap is part of Hip-Hop…but Hip Hop is more than just Rap!

“Rap is what we do. Hip Hop is how we live” - KRS One

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

  • The DJ provides the beat/music…

it is an art-form all by itself!

  • “Scratching” was an accident!

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

mc emcee rap
  • The MC is the Master of Ceremonies, microphone controller the rapper
  • The MC used to take a backseat to the DJ…but things have changed!
  • How many of you have a favorite DJ? How many have a favorite rapper?

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

break dance b boy

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

graffiti tagging
  • Graffiti is often seen as negative…
  • WHY?
  • it is associated with gang-activity
  • de-facing of public property, it is a criminal activity
  • It is a true art-form, it requires talent and practice
  • It can be a healthy expression of emotion
  • It can be a mode of social commentary
  • Graffiti is positive too…
  • HOW?

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

the birth
The Birth
  • Hip-hop was born in the Bronx, NY in the late 1970’s
  • Hip-hop finds it’s musical roots in soul, R&B, funk, rock-n-roll, jazz and blues
  • Hip-hop was the product of the circumstance

South Bronx 1975

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

transition to mainstream
Transition to Mainstream
  • Radio
  • Video
  • Internet


Is today’s rap music pop music???

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

hip hop then now
Hip Hop: Then & Now
  • Many people consider the late eighties and early nineties the glory days of Hip-Hop. Why?
  • Lyrics
  • Authenticity
  • Nostalgia

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

gone international
Gone International
  • Listen to these songs and watch these clips…
    • Are they hip-hop?
      • If not—why not?
      • If yes—what makes them hip-hop?

Music Store in Japan


Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

hip hop then now12
Hip-Hop: Then & Now





Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)

hip hop then now13
Hip-Hop: Then & Now
  • Why do you think hip-hop gets a bad rep?
  • Is hip-hop fundamentally different then when it emerged in the Bronx?
  • Do all 4 elements remain intact? Have they evolved separately or together?
  • Is hip-hop still considered “black” music or has the genre transcended race (consider both artist and audience)?

Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)


Chang, Jeff, Can’t Stop, Won’tStop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation, St. Martins Press, NY, NY. 2005

Watkins, Craig, Why Hip-Hop Is Like No Other, Foreign Policy, Nov/Dec 2007





Hip Hop Education (R.Tracey)