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Jackalyn Rainosek: Tips for

Being a High Impact Leader

Jackalyn Rainosek is currently serving as the co-owner

of the DTP Leadership Group, LLC, which focuses on

transforming peoples’ lives for the better. They teach

people about their habitual patterns so that they can

use this knowledge to lead themselves, and eventually

others as well. Being a high impact leader professionally

means influencing the lives of the people around you in

a positive way. Here are some tips for being a high

impact leader.

Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust within your

team of employees or your company. As a leader, you

need to make sure that everyone is working together

for the good of themselves, and the company as a

whole. Leaders who are able to motivate their

employees to work together rather than compete are

able to produce higher numbers for their businesses or

the businesses they work for.

High impact leaders are also willing to take risks while

noticing opportunities. In order to be a positive leader

and influence in the lives of your employees, you need

to be able to notice opportunities when they present

themselves. This also means that you can recognize

the best moments to take risks, and when to hold

back for something better. Leaders have to take risks

in order to grow and achieve success.

Be open to taking responsibility for your beliefs, attitudes,

actions and behavior. Strong leaders are never satisfied

with the way things are; they want to improve themselves

constantly. Don’t shy away from self-criticism, but ask

yourself what skills you have as a leader that could be

improved upon. If you can look critically at yourself, you’ll

be able to grow as a leader in the professional world.

Jackalyn Rainosek has been teaching people how to be

high impact leaders for years, and she is an expert when

it comes to the habitual patterns that block growth.

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