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Did Google Kill The Traditional Press Release PowerPoint Presentation
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Did Google Kill The Traditional Press Release

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Did Google Kill The Traditional Press Release - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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After the Google Panda algorithm 4.0, a great impact has been felt across the newswire and public relations industry. Did Google intentionally targeted press release sites? If yes, what newswire and public relations professionals should know. A presentation of Isebox.com.

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did google kill the traditional press release

Did Google Kill The Traditional Press Release

A Presentation of Isebox.com

The leading multimedia news release platform.


If You Are In Online Media and Publishing Industry, then you must be

very well aware of this

deadly creature raised

by Google.


But the beast got more attention of press release sites and networks on its May 20, 2014 Update.

Panda 4.0.


The Panda 4.0 had a relatively greater impact compared to it’s previous roll outs. Approximately, 7.5% of the

queries were affected in this rollout doing

damage to Public relations and the

press release industry the most.


Some of the top newswire businesses were affected as a result of Panda 4.0 including PRWeb, PR Newswire, Business Wire and many others.

(approximate 71% decrease)

(approximate 63% decrease)

(approximate 60% decrease)


What Public and Media

Relations Professionals

Should Know?


After the Panda 4.0 update, marketers, public and media relations professionals should ask themselves these following questions.

Would your audience want to read this article?

Will your audience learn something new?

Is it entertaining?

Is it interesting enough to share?


There is a detail article on “Did Google Kill The Traditional Press Release” on Isebox.com.

Learn more about multimedia press release and all the happenings in public and media relations industry at