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IT Support New York PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Support New York

IT Support New York

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IT Support New York

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  1. Welcome To The INVENIO IT

  2. IT Support New York • Invenio IT can help you maximize your IT investment with a customized strategic IT plan that will address your current and future needs. We can help your business create a well-crafted plan that will address the following: • Collaboration • Connectivity • Remote Access • Line of Business Applications • Data Capacity • Data Backup • Layered Security Protections • Infrastructure

  3. Cloud Hosting Providers • The files a business saves on-site are dependent on the size of the hard disk storage capacity. Cloud computing allows storage to occur by use of an internet connection on a cloud server. This offers the ability to access the information quickly and easily when you need to use it again as well as the peace of mind that it is never lost and you will never have to develop a contingency plan covering loss of files. • Software to accomplish the storage and retrieval of files is available by a service provider offering Software as a Service (SaaS). The provider uses a huge cloud server, which accommodates many users who will pay a monthly fee for access. This is a small amount compared to the cost of purchasing physical hardware to gain larger hard drives with more storage space.

  4. Data Recovery Services • What to do when you've lost your data? • The first step in dealing with data loss is the most critical and will determine if the data is recoverable. Our Data Recovery Services will keep time and money loss to a minimum. Contact us immediately and leave your data loss incident in the hands of trusted experts. • STOP  • If you suspect your hard drive or media is damaged • Do not reboot, shake, disassemble or attempt to clean/dry the damaged media • Once you have detected a hardware problem, contact us immediately

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