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World Facilities Management Day Tribute 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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World Facilities Management Day Tribute 2014

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World Facilities Management Day Tribute 2014
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World Facilities Management Day Tribute 2014

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  1. 2014 WORLD FM DAY TRIBUTE We dedicate this Tribute to Facilities Professionals Worldwide. You truly make every day a better day!

  2. Foreword Kevin Rettle FMP, Director of FM/CRE Market Research & Insights, Sodexo Corporate Real Estate (CRE) executives and Facilities managers have increasingly complex roles in today’s rapidly changing business environment. They are becoming a vital part of the strategic planning process for not only the performance of business, but also the performance of individuals. In addition to managing complex real estate portfolios and enabling technical execution in the most effective way, CRE’s and facility managers must also know how the built environment affects end users. not only in FM, but also more broadly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. We shine a spotlight on four of our facility management professionals in the field this year. Kimberly Egloff- Boehm, Rick Latham, Loraine Ungano and Teresa C. Williams deliver value, agile leadership, innovation and forward-thinking portfolio strategy to our clients every day. They are environmental champions, thought leaders, and committed to delivering experiences that improve the performance of our clients and their staffs. WORLD FM DAY 2014 Tracking, technology, and the integration of key statistics and metrics are also crucial, as is the ability to interface with all of the functional teams that are involved with the core business and people services. The future is today for the next generation facility manager. A flexible strategy is paramount to this current state. Diverse populations and work styles require a 360-degree approach to workplace management. It is about bringing personalized experiences to life, onsite and off, and delivering performance to the organization and individuals through every transaction. Sodexo, the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), Global FM and member organizations across six continents take pause each year during the last week of June to celebrate the facility management profession. This year’s event takes place on June 4, 2014, and is marked by luncheons, seminars, workshops and a Tweetup aimed to promote the facility management profession, but best of all it’s a way to celebrate the contributions of our facility managers and tip our hat to this budding profession. The future of CRE and facility leadership is one of experience management, where employees are offered an à la carte workplace experience with a menu of services, locations and support. You may see this already in your knowledge workers. They typically come in for a day, three hours, or three days, and may involve technology for meetings, need a place to relax and refresh their creativity, or seek a private space for calls. Today’s facility managers are positioned to ensure the effective delivery of each of these services for an optimal work experience. Sodexo Facilities Management Solutions and IFMA are proud to play key roles in the future of corporate real estate and facilities management through the development of our people, skills and partnerships. Today, we join IFMA for World FM Day, a virtual event on Twitter. For a longer discussion, check out the LinkedIn Workplace Experience group to engage in some thought- provoking discussions with industry leaders. This year we present Michael Norris, Chief Operating Officer at Sodexo. His work with Million Women Mentors demonstrates our commitment to the development of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers that place particular emphasis on female FM professionals that will change the face of our industry. According to IFMA, the overall percentage of women in facilities management is approximately 24%, but this number is steadily on the rise. Sodexo supports initiatives that encourage women to pursue careers 2

  3. Advancing Women and Girls in STEM Careers Young girls and women are less likely than their male counterparts to work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. In fact, just 24% of women work in STEM fields. The good news is that women in STEM careers earn 92 cents for every dollar their male-STEM counterparts earn versus 75 cents in other fields. What’s more, 80 percent of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States depend on mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge and skills. Skilled labor shortage in U.S. manufacturing at an all-time high STEM EDUCATION Strengthens economic outlook, increases efciency in operations, and drives innovation for the future of manufacturing. x+y Michael Norris, Chief Operating Officer Sodexo North America and Market President, Corporate Services, is passionately committed to developing the next generation of STEM leaders – both women and men – and for that matter, helping to prepare all young leaders entering the workforce to be successful. With the global marketplace expanding at unprecedented rates, demographic shifts and emerging global trends playing an ever-increasing role in the American economy, it has become increasingly apparent that business leaders, industry experts and Academics can offer a more comprehensive approach to preparing future leaders to successfully enter the workforce. WORLD FM DAY 2014 Michael argues that a successful recruiting strategy starts with reaching employees long before they are ready to enter the workforce. This happens through community partnerships and alliances with academic institutions. Furthermore, in order to cultivate student interest in STEM fields, it is important to provide relevant and exciting examples of STEM job opportunities. For instance, the head of a national Facilities Management Association suggests providing a “big picture” simulation of the roles and responsibilities of engineers and facilities managers. This has the potential to generate more interest in the field, much more so than describing the tactical aspects of the day-to-day job. In an interview with Million Women Mentors (MWM), a collaborative effort designed to engage one million science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) mentors for girls, Michael noted: “It’s incongruent that in 2013 women accounted for 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees awarded in the U.S., but STEM accounted for less than 10 percent of all degrees. Given that by 2020, 81 percent of new workforce entrants will be women or minorities, at Sodexo we hear a call to action today to mentor and prepare girls and young women for unbridled success in tomorrow’s demanding global marketplace, and are excited to support this critical STEM careers imperative.” Michael Norris COO Sodexo North America and Market President, Corporate Services Mr. Norris is the Chief Operating Officer of Sodexo North America, an $8.8billion solutions provider, and Market President of Corporate Services. Mr. Norris has an extensive background in driving sales growth and increasing market share. He currently oversees Sodexo’s B&I portfolio with annual revenues of $1.4 billion and serves more than 1,800 client locations nationwide. Michael Norris is an inaugural member of the STEM Innovation Task Force (SITF), a project of STEMconnector®. The SITF is comprised of 30 industry, government, education and non-profit leaders. The SITF has a grand vision of“Accelerating sustainable STEM careers and wealth through innovation science and excellence in tomorrow’s new economy.” 3

  4. Spotlight on Sodexo’s Facility Management Loraine Ungano, CFM, SFP Senior Manager – Contracts Administration, Sodexo Corporate Services Area of Focus: Flexible Business Models Loraine has worked as a facilities professional in the R&D environment for the last 25+ years in a number of different capacities. Before joining Sodexo, she was employed as a Space Management Consultant. site adjacencies to meet their re-organization initiatives, including preparation of conceptual designs for renovating existing space as well as for the construction of a large R&D building. In this capacity, Loraine provided guidance and support to one of Sodexo’s R&D clients to analyze and program the She is currently working on a global pharmaceutical account, responsible for all aspects of third-party subcontracts from RFP to service implementation of both SDX and managed contracts. Loraine is an active member of IFMA (since 1990), including the IFMA R&D Council, the IFMA Corporate Services Council and the NJ IFMA Chapter. She actively holds the Certified Facilities Manager (CFM) and Sustainable Facilities Professional (SFP) and OSHA 10 Hour Certifications. Predictions for the FM Industry: ”I predict that as corporations continue to merge, optimize their workforce and facilities and look to be more efficient all around, the Facilities Professional needs to adjust and find creative ways to be transparent in providing high-quality services with less — such that the customer doesn’t notice things are shrinking around them. It’s all about client/customer-facing/engagement, service delivery and good corporate citizenship.” Achievements at Sodexo: 2009, 2010, 2011 Sodexo Team Spirit Nominee; 2013 Client Segment Gold Winner – Team Spirit and 2013 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Award. WORLD FM DAY 2014 - Loraine Ungano Rick Latham Resident District Manager, Microsoft Devices Group Area of Focus: Efficiency at the Workplace Rick is the Resident District Manager for Microsoft Devices Group. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University. Rick has 20 years of experience at both the national and regional level in corporate facilities management and commercial office property management. He started with Sodexo in January 2013 as a General Manager, providing full facility services to a global communications account for a 250,000 square foot corporate office and a 70,000 square foot critical data center in the Dallas, Texas area. systems with zero interruption or downtime to the client’s operations and servers at the data center. Rick was promoted to Resident District Manager in October 2013, overseeing the facility operations for over 1 million square feet for a large communications business in the U.S. Predictions for the FM Industry: In this role, Rick reduced electrical costs in the corporate office by $12,000/month by reducing HVAC run times and lighting schedules to more closely coincide with the employees’ work schedules. “I believe that facilities management will continue to provide great opportunities, as more and more corporations are looking to partner with companies that can provide solutions to a constantly evolving workplace and workforce.” In addition, Rick’s team completed over $300,000 in major repairs to the chill water system, emergency generators and UPS - Rick Latham 4

  5. Kimberly Egloff-Boehm Intrinsic Coach® Director, Quality of Life Services, Sodexo Corporate Services Area of Focus: Quality of Life For the last four years, Kimberly Egloff-Boehm has been the Director of Quality of Life Services for Sodexo with a large pharmaceutical account. Her original responsibilities included U.S. oversight of employee wellness programs, 10 on-site fitness centers and program integration of food and fitness delivery. In 2012, Sodexo was asked to develop innovative service approaches for this account’s double-platinum Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) building in Philadelphia’s up-and-coming business campus, The Navy Yard. It was at this time the concept of a Workplace Concierge service emerged. Kimberly has developed this program, which includes a team of nine and supports customers in all aspects of workplace services, such as meeting room and event management, AV support and catering. On average, the team participates in more than 1,300 customer service interactions per month. In addition to the entire Navy Yard Transition Team, Kimberly was a recipient of the 2013 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Team Spirit Award. Predictions for the FM Industry: “Although relatively new to the FM industry, I have already seen so many changes in client expectations. FM used to be solely about providing specific services in a designated space, and now it is growing into providing an experience in that space.” Since being given this stretch opportunity, Kimberly continues to provide support to the Fitness Program, oversees the Meeting Service line for U.S. sites and was recently appointed to the U.S. Transformation Team. - Kimberly Egloff-Boehm WORLD FM DAY 2014 Teresa C. Williams MS, CPE, CIEC, LEED AP BD+C Environmental, Health and Safety Manager – Americas, Sodexo Provider for Nokia Area of Focus: Environmental Visionary Teresa has worked since 1994 as an environmental occupational health specialist in a variety of industrial environments. She developed and managed a comprehensive and highly successful industrial environmental, health and safety program at a 2m square foot electronics manufacturing facility with over 4,500 employees. She presently manages the environmental compliance and sustainability strategy for Nokia. She has evolved, along with the changing markets within manufacturing and facility management, to bring innovation and implementation of sustainable practices and technology. “Teresa is a true professional in the world of Sustainability and Operational Health and Safety. She is the Global Sustainability lead for our client, providing expertise to establishment of their program, as well as support through numerous corporate restructure events. She has provided direction and has been responsible for many winning sustainability programs for a large communications company. In addition to her global responsibilities, she manages the Sodexo OHS program for our employees on this account.” - Chris Thomas Vice President, Operations Sodexo Facilities Management Innovation has been a key element for the client and achieved through business case development for the purchase and implementation of fuel cells at the Sunnyvale Nokia property. This project has reduced the site’s CO2 emissions by 85% and is the only site in the Nokia portfolio that produces direct renewable energy from bio-gas. Teresa works with FMs to optimize building system performance in efforts to reduce energy consumption and drive cost savings to the client. Employee awareness is facilitated at the sites to educate and engage employee participation in sustainable activities that they impact with their behavior, such as energy savings, reduced water consumption, increased recycling and waste avoidance through improved purchasing practices. At the heart of Teresa’s success in developing industrial environmental, health and safety programs is an innovative approach that combines her proven technical expertise with excellent management and communication skills, to identify problems and solutions, while engendering management commitment and employee involvement in the program development process. 5

  6. “Smarter” Buildings: Raising Your Facility’s IQ An excerpt from Sodexo’s 2014 Workplace Trends Report Phil Rogers Division Vice President, Solution Center, Sodexo While building automation systems have been around for decades, there have been significant changes in recent years because of technical advances in the field, an increase in demand for remote monitoring, and advancement in the way building owners and operators can access data. Energy Consumption Despite the many advances in facility automation over the past few years, building owners and operators can still be resistant to the technology because they believe the perceived costs are too high, or there is a lack of common protocols or familiarity with qualified contractors. Sustainable Development WORLD FM DAY 2014 Technology With an increase in energy usage regulation and concern about environmental impact, the time has come for industries across the country — corporate, health care, education and government sectors — to consider facility automation, including remote monitoring and virtual energy management, as a vital part of an overall energy “smart” building. Why Build Green? The global growth of building automation systems is estimated to double from $72.5 billion in 2011 to $146 billion by 2021, with building energy management in North America alone expected to grow from $193 million in 2012 to $402 million by 2015.This intersection of where technology and energy meet — where megabytes and megawatts converge — will be a major influencer in the way buildings are constructed and operated for years to come. » Promotes Greater Health & Well-being » Encourages Sustainable Business Practices 6

  7. Employees: New Supporters in the Experience Economy An excerpt from Sodexo’s 2014 Workplace Trends Report Debra Dailey Vice President, Workplace Experience Strategy, Sodexo The notions of “user experience” or “experience- centered design” are well- studied phenomena in industrialized countries, as experiences have long been a part of the entertainment business. are complex and involve many disciplines, environments, products, technologies and more. Corporate Real Estate and FM leaders (CRE/FM) have a tremendous opportunity — not only to driver greater efficiencies, but to create a greater connection between the employee, the company and its customers along the way. Experience design within the context of the workplace environment and associated services requires new approaches, skills and capabilities for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management leaders to embrace. Although today’s “Experience Economy” continues to focus on meeting ever-changing customer demands, a new and powerful benefactor has surfaced — the employee. With 54% of waking hours spent at work, the employee of the future expects to spend more time enjoying and benefiting from a series of memorable events and interactions that a company provides, which will engage him/her in an inherently personal way. They seek a more meaningful employment value proposition that can be achieved through the creation of contemporary experience environments. WORLD FM DAY 2014 New Skills and Practices within CRE/FM Just like great customer experiences, great employee experiences — those that enable employees to support customers as they’re supposed to — don’t happen by accident. They have to be actively designed. Experiences Human-Centered Design Thinking Co-Collaborative Service Design Partners (Internal & External) Experience Design Capabilities These articles and numerous others are featured in their entirety in Sodexo’s Workplace Trends 2014 Report, available for download at: 7

  8. BUILT ENVIRONMENT 25% of employees sufer from sick building syndrome HIGH PERFORMING EMPLOYEES 8% of employees attribute higher personal wellbeing to their employer 5% WORLD FM DAY 2014 Only INTELLECTUAL MOTIVATION 40% of employees do not have the resources to achieve excellence at work of organizations create cross-functional workplace strategy teams. SOCIAL CONNECTION 5% of employees strongly agree that their employer helps build stronger relationships EMOTIONAL WELLBEING 33% of employees can efectively balance work and personal responsibilities PHYSICAL WELLBEING 80% of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week 1 chance to make a first impression on customers, staf, and stakeholders SOURCES: · Rath and Harter, 2010 · Towers Watson, NBGH 2011/2012 Staying @ Work Survey · Great Place to Work, 2013 · Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008 · EPA. 2012 8

  9. Knowledge is Power Successful executives make informed decisions requiring data and insight at their fingertips. The Innovation & Insights mobile app by Sodexo, is the single source of emerging thought leadership for Corporate Real Estate, Facility Management, Human Resources and Supply Management professionals. This free download includes riveting content, focusing on the future of work, including drivers of the human-centric aspects of facilities management. WORLD FM DAY 2014 WORKPLACE WORKPLACE WORKPLACE T R E N D S T R E N D S T R E N D S Search Sodexo Workplace ( 9

  10. World FM Day Overview What is World FM Day? World FM Day is a Global FM initiative to celebrate the importance of the FM profession. It aims to raise the FM profession profile around the globe, promoting facilities management’s ideals, not only within the profession and industry, but also among governments and the general business community. What are its Objectives? 1. To draw attention to the aims, objectives and progress of the facilities management profession around the globe; 2. To highlight the valuable contributions sound facilities management has made and is making to sustainable global communities; productive, safe, healthy and secure work environments; and local and global economies; 3. To give worldwide coverage to the ideals of facilities management, not only within the profession and industry, but also to governments and among the public. 888 SODEXO7