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Article Research

Article Research

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Article Research

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  1. Article Research

  2. Interview Questions Double Page Spread How did you become a band? How long have you been together? How did you come up with your band name? Who is your musical influence? Do you see music as a future career? What is your favourite part about performing? What are you working on at the moment? Do you do many gigs? What is your favourite song to play live? Where has been your favourite place to perform? How often do you rehearse? Have you ever played at any outdoor festivals/gigs? Do you have an existing fan base? Have any of you been in any other bands? What is the biggest crowd/audience you played for? Interviewing The Mighty Toucan

  3. Double Page Spread NME This NME magazine is similar to the genre of my magazine. This double page spread is similar to the layout I have planned, I wouldn’t use the layout for the images but I like the layout for the interview with the question being highlighted in 5 columns.

  4. Double Page Spread NME Good colour scheme; My colour scheme will be similar with a lot of black featuring red instead of green. This NME magazine is about a rock/heavy metal band which is similar to the band I am interviewing for my double page spread. This double page spread I like the position of the photographs with the main image on the left and a smaller image on the right. I have planned a similar layout; however the main image will be on the right with the smaller image within the body text of the article. I also like the title of the article, how the font is much larger and bolder than the rest and how it bleeds over to the other page; which brings it together.

  5. The band I am interviewing: The Mighty Toucan Photograph of ‘The Mighty Toucan’ at a gig performing their new songs (for their EP) as a reformed band. Video of ‘The Mighty Toucan’ at a gig I went to in November. Social Media • Twitter: @TheMightyToucan • Facebook: The Mighty Toucan

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