the best mobile application development platform n.
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The HokuApps Mobile Application Development Platform is Ideal for Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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The HokuApps Mobile Application Development Platform is Ideal for Your Business

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The HokuApps Mobile Application Development Platform is Ideal for Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprises need to consider 4 crucial factors while selecting a MADP Platform, to create fully-functional app that expedites the pace of business development\n

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the best mobile application development platform

The Best Mobile Application Development Platform

Which is Ideal for Your Business

selecting mobile application development platform

Selecting Mobile Application Development Platform: Is it Necessary?

  • As enterprise mobility is now a much sought-after aspect for business growth, a whole lot of organizations have already allowed their employees to bring their own personal devices to work.
  • It’s all about going along with the disruptive nature of digital transformation. But one burning question that remains is- “is that enough?”
  • Well, in reality, it is.
  • All businesses have their specific user demands and market requirements to meet. Choosing the right MADP platform is necessary to fetch business-specific results and increase overall operational efficiency.
4 factors to consider while choosing the right

4 Factors to consider while choosing the right MADP Platform

Platform Features

  • An ideal MADP platform should include an easy-to-use interface for developers so that market-specific apps can be developed rapidly and within deadlines.
  • The right kind of MADP platforms should also deliver agile apps that seamlessly connect with complex business workflows and the existing functional systems
  • An ideal mobile vendor should also have active participation in the whole app development lifecycle, and support the app development needs of companies from development to deployment and beyond.


apps with cross platform support choosing

Apps with Cross-platform Support

  • Choosing specific mobile devices for app development might curtail the scope for organizations to reach a wider base of users. As a result, such app might not be useful for all targeted users.
  • Enterprise apps, which run well on all mobile devices and OS platforms, offer a great way to engage all employees using a variety of devices at work
  • Organizations can also take care of the increasing app development cost with higher Return on Investment (ROI) incomes and improved business performance in the long run.


app monitoring and security an ideal madp

App Monitoring and Security

  • An ideal MADP Platform should provide businesses with easy methods for monitoring app performance and application-to-server requests.
  • App security is another primary concern which should be addressed with high-security methods like data encryption and step-by-step authentication processes.

App Deployment

  • Organizations must also choose between on-premise or cloud-based app deployment while choosing the MADP platform for their business, by aligning it with their long-term business objectives and needs.
hokuapps empowering businesses everywhere

HokuApps: Empowering Businesses Everywhere

  • With the mobile app ecosystem constantly evolving, companies require a reliable and low-code Mobile Application Development Platform like HokuApps, which enables them to build smart and agile apps rapidly within a few days/weeks.
  • HokuApps helps enterprises create next-gen apps that seamlessly integrate with the existing back-end systems and information sources, and streamline business processes within a very stringent app security framework.