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Key Factors for Rapid Application Development While Developing Mobile Apps PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Factors for Rapid Application Development While Developing Mobile Apps

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Key Factors for Rapid Application Development While Developing Mobile Apps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In order to gain maximum returns on investment, the following factors should be examined before selecting a rapid application development platform. To know more click here

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Key Factors for Rapid Application Development While Developing Mobile Apps

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key factors


for Rapid Application Development While Developing Mobile Apps

why everyone wants an app

Why Everyone Wants an App

  • Across platforms, users have been relying on applications for personal and professional activities alike.
  • Enterprises have also begun to rely on apps to allow employees secure access to corporate data, irrespective of time or location.
  • This has done wonders to increase employee productivity and establishes innovative ways to increase profit margins.
  • The demand for apps has made it increasingly difficult for developers to hit the market within the planned time frame.
  • IT teams find themselves battling against time to make their mark. Naturally, rapid application development platforms have become a developer’s preferred solution.
key factors to think about before selecting

Key Factors to Think About Before Selecting an Enterprise RAD Platform

  • Interactive visual capabilities:
  • A rapid application development platform can build a finished application within three to four months.
  • If a platform provider lets developers drag and drop components in the app creation process, it saves much time as opposed to designing components from scratch.
  • Rapid prototyping: If a RAD platform can get working prototypes to potential users and stakeholders swiftly, it helps developers calibrate the app according to real-world preferences of potential customers.
  • Seamless backend integration:
  • A RAD Platform with out-of-the-box backend connectors saves time on extended integration processes, thus saving time.
low code rad platforms must be low or no code


  • RAD Platforms must be low or no code to facilitate rapid app development.
  • Low code platforms use automated code generation, thus relieving developers of the need to manually write endless lines of code.
  • Alignment with Common Standards:
  • RAD Platforms must adhere to common industry standards like HTML5.
  • Open source capabilities also help with easier integration and avoid issues that may arise from proprietary systems.
  • Ability to Reuse Code and Components:
  • A RAD Platform that lets IT teams reuse code and design components is essential.
  • This allows for apps to be upgraded and changed according to user feedback at short notice.
  • Mobile Platform Optimization:
  • It is important to choose a RAD Platform that is able to support native functionality for most-used mobile platforms like Android and iOS.
  • This saves a great deal of time as developers do not need to build this functionality into each app from scratch.


  • If chosen after focusing on the above issues, a RAD Platform can be a force to reckon with.
  • As an organization utilizes this immensely powerful asset, it can meet more ambitious time-to-market goals.
  • Apps created with RAD Platforms also create more user-friendly and efficient apps, thus leaving no loopholes in the final product.