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5 facts that nobody told you about rapid web application development PowerPoint Presentation
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5 facts that nobody told you about rapid web application development

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5 facts that nobody told you about rapid web application development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are five reasons to choose rapid web application development tools over other options to build a user-friendly, profitable app. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-web-application-development-tools/

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5 facts

5 Facts

That Nobody Told You About Rapid Web Application Development

why rapid web application development

Why Rapid Web Application Development?

  • Without the right tools, app development can entail a pointless waste of time, resources, and human talent.
  • The waterfall model of development is especially draining in this regard as it involves an inordinate amount of manual coding and treats software development in a linear, unchangeable fashion.
  • The most powerful and evolved a method of app development is undoubtedly the Rapid Application Development Model.
  • Easily among the most preferred agile development practices in existence, it facilitated the creation of qualitatively satisfying apps within demanding deadlines.
what nobody told you about rapid web application

What Nobody Told you About Rapid Web Application Development

  • If you are using the waterfall method, user feedback comes through inconvenient and tedious channels the majority of software development is done. Imagine enduring long meetings and phone calls after most of the work is done.
  • Developers would have to undo the whole thing and write code all over again to accommodate changes. The results? Predictably unpleasant. You often end up with apps missing key features and have to pay more to get less.
  • Rapid web application development solves this by beginning the process with input from developers and business executives. Every step is accompanied by feedback from users. Incorporation of this one feature simplifies the whole process and yields far better results.
user involvement

User Involvement

  • Rapid web application development depends heavily on prototyping.
  • Functional prototypes are swiftly delivered to potential users, stakeholder, and business partners.
  • Their feedback ensures that the eventual product comes out without any major gaps in usability or functionality.
  • It also means that developers do not have to go back to the drawing board to include features they might have missed previously.


  • It is challenging to figure out if a certain component would work well or not with an app after it has been launched into the market.
  • If you are wondering whether an app would benefit from accessing a user’s GPS, the best way to gauge that would be to simply deploy testable prototypes and go with what the users say.
  • This makes life much easier for developers and business leaders alike.
automated coding

Automated Coding

  • In any non-RADM (Rapid Application Development Model) scenario, the lion’s share of development time is consumed by manual coding.
  • Developers have to write code for everything by hand, and this doesn’t just take up time but can bore your developers to tears.
  • Rapid web application development cuts through this by powering itself with automated code generation tools, which take care of basic coding, leaving developers to focus on making the app more aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and swift in its operations.


  • Rapid web application development tools work so well because they tap into the fact that software is inherently malleable.
  • Its treats app development with the sensibility of molding clay, not steel. Unlike a bridge or house, the software can be constructed halfway and then changed.
  • Prioritizing this one detail makes the RADP most conducive to swift and targeted app development.