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4 Things Nobody Told You About Online Learning

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4 Things Nobody Told You About Online Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4 Things Nobody Told You About Online Learning

Students across the United States are taking up online learning. It is a great way to earn credits

for your college degree. For others, online schools are a perfect opportunity to take up

supplemental courses to add to your résumé. Online learning may seem easy, but they can be an

overwhelming experience for some. Here are a few things nobody told you about online


Not all online courses are flexible in terms of schedule:

A majority of online schools are flexible in terms of schedule. Students can go online anytime

they want to. There is no fixed time for taking tutorials or complete assignments as long as you

submit them by the end of the semester. But some online courses are very specific about logging

in. Students have to log into for a stipulated time every week. They’re also strict about

assignment deadlines. Of course, if a meeting at work happens to coincide with an online test,

you can always hire an online class tutor. All you have to do is to ask can you take my online

test for me.

Just because you can take your course from anywhere in the world, doesn’t mean you


Some of the adverts for online colleges seem to make learning as easy as a fun walk on the

beach. Just because you can take an online course while vacationing, you don’t have to

necessarily do it. Online courses are relatively cost less when compared to in-class courses, but

they’re not cheap. You have to commit your time and effort if you want to be able to benefit

from an online course.

It is not necessarily a good idea to take your online course wearing pajamas:

Again, some people seem to make online learning a frivolous activity. Agreed, you don’t have to

get dressed up, or worry about what to wear. But you need a serious attitude and commitment to

successfully complete an online course. What you wear affects your attitude, even if you are

learning from home. It is good to take things lightly, but resist the temptation to make it a habit.

The lack of face to face interaction can get to you sometimes:

Online colleges make every attempt to make up for the lack of face to face interaction. You can

chat with your instructors or email them for help. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Join an

online students’ forum, or seek help with the student advisor to discuss issues if any - it is up to

you to make an attempt at communicating.

Resource Box: The Author manages an online class help website. He guides students asking

can you take my online class