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in this ppt we are going to discuss about n.
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Cloud Computing PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing

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  1. In this PPT, we are going to discuss about different aspect of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing

  2. Let’s discuss each point one by one

  3. The different types of cloud computing platform Cloud computing has revolutionized the world and restructured the way of working for all the businesses. Now, with the help of cloud, businesses are able to access their data from anywhere, at any time and through any device.

  4. The cloud computing platform has been divided into the following three categories • Iaas(Infrastructure as a Service) • Paas (Platform as a Service) • Saas(Software as a Service) Iaas Paas Saas

  5. So let’s go through the above-mentioned cloud computing platforms one by one.

  6. Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) This is the first form of cloud computing which is used for internet-based access for storage and computing power. This is one the most basic forms of cloud computing which allows you to rent IT Infrastructureslike storage, networks, operating systems and virtual machines.

  7. Paas (Platform as a Service) This second type of cloud computing platform gives developers the tool to build and host web applications. The highly advanced and robust platform has been specially designed to give users the access to the tools which they need in order to develop and build web and mobile applications on the internet.

  8. Saas (Software as a Service) The third type of cloud allows users to connect and use cloud- based app over the internet, like email, calendar, office tools, etc. In Saas, you purchase a complete software solution from a cloud hostingprovider on a pay as you go basis. Saas

  9. Debunking the top myths about cloud computing The fruitful technology of cloud computing which completely transformed the world is not in its baby stage anymore. It is still surrounded by many myths which restrict people from growing by utilizing the concept of cloud computing. But if you are among those people who still are wearing the hats of myth for cloud computing then you should know that you are missing out on a very big opportunity.

  10. Cloud computing is all about saving money Many people think that cloud computing is all about saving money but that’s not true.

  11. 2. Cloud computing is not safe There are various security layers on the cloud platform which allows you to work in peace without worrying about the security and safety of your data.

  12. 3. Cloud migration is a complicated process One of the main reasons to why people put the adoption of cloud in their to-do list for a long period of time is they think that the cloud migration process is very complicated.

  13. 4. Understanding cloud is difficult Another misconception which restricts people from adopting the cloud technology is that they think they need to be an IT expert for understanding the cloud technology but the actuality is totally different.

  14. 5. Losing control after adopting cloud Losing control over the data and financial functioning of the company is another myth which stands between many businesses and cloud computing.

  15. The advantages of moving your business to the cloud We will try to understand the advantages of moving your business to the highly advanced and beneficial cloud technology.

  16. Global accessibility One of the biggest advantages of the cloud computing technology is that it allows you to access your data and apps from anywhere on the planet.

  17. Bank level security But the cloud environment is completely secured as it uses end to end encryption and various other security layers are deployed on the cloud for assuring its complete security.

  18. High Uptime The cloud computing technology offers you a guaranteed 99.9% of high uptime. So no more delay in your work because of the downtime as cloud computingwill be there to make your workflow smooth and continuous.

  19. Disaster Recovery You can easily recover your data from the cloud. Using cloud as a backup and disaster recovery system is a smart and economical decision.

  20. Enhanced Collaboration The real-time update allows users to see the changes as they are made which increases the collaboration between employees and enhances the productivity as well.

  21. So, if you are still lost in piles of papers and your local office hard disk and computer then it is high time to move on cloud and capitalize the growing opportunities of the highly advanced and fruitful platform.

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