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[Issue Fixed] iPhone 6s Stuck on Apple Logo PowerPoint Presentation
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[Issue Fixed] iPhone 6s Stuck on Apple Logo

[Issue Fixed] iPhone 6s Stuck on Apple Logo

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[Issue Fixed] iPhone 6s Stuck on Apple Logo

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  1. [Issue Fixed] iPhone 6s Stuck onApple Logo "I was restoring my iPhone and on my computer there showed an information that I have to wait a few seconds and my phone will start working again. There appeared that Apple logo on my phone and it's stuck.... what should I do? Please help!" We've noticed that there are quite a few iOS users are looking for help on Apple Communities for the reason that their iPhone/iPad/iPod is stuck on Apple Logo. 'iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo' seems to be one of the most common issues about which Apple users complain the most. Everything goes well until your iPhone is stuck on Apple Logo someday when trying to reboot. When it takes place, maybe you just consider that it takes longer this time and all of a sudden you realize that there is nothing changed but anApple on screen. Let's get an idea of the reasons why this happens to you. Knowing why your iPhone get stuck onApple Loge is conducive to preventing from this problem. CONTENTS Reasons: What Cause iPhone Stuck onApple Logo? Methods: How to Fix iPhone Stuck onApple Logo? Notes: How to Avoid being Stuck onApple Logo? Reasons: What Cause iPhone Stuck onApple Logo? Do you know what is going on when your iPhone is restarting? As for a person, we wake up, get out of bed, rinse mouth and wash face. Then, have breakfast to have ourselves charge up and get ready for school or work. It's almost a bunch of set things that we have to do before going to school or work. Similarly, a phone has its set route before it turns on and work. As your device is booting up, it has to launch its processor, check its memory and set up a slew of internal components before it can perform normally. These serial of startup functions is automatically taking place in the background when your iPhone displays the Apple Logo. And why is stuck? That is because something is going wrong during its startup routine. There are reasons that may result in this situation. 1. It happens after updating to the latest version of iOS. This could be the most reason why people come across this problem. Updating iOS version has to access the core functionality of iPhone. When it goes wrong, your phone will be malfuntioned.

  2. 2. It happens after transferring data or restoring contents from iTunes or iCloud backup files. Similar to the update, data transfer and recovery access the core functionality. That may cause some software corruption, which may affect the reboot. 3. Due to jailbreaking. Some iPhone users like to jailbreak their devices so as to unleash the power of iOS. Though it enables users to have complete access to everything in the operating system, it may cause some security or software problems in return. 4. Caused by hardware problem. If you've accidentally dropped your iPhone into water or hard down to ground, it may makes the device broken inside (or outside). For that reason, I'm afraid you should go to Apple store and ask their staff to repair your device. Methods: How to Fix iPhone Stuck onApple Logo? When it comes to being stuck on Apple logo, an easiest and simplest way to try is to reboot your device. Hold down the "Power" button and "Home" Key for seconds at the same time. If the screen turns black, which means the device is shutted down, now press the "Power" button to reboot the device. Even though your device is stuck on Apple logo when rebooting, it doesn't mean that it cannot turn off and restart again.

  3. The second method is to put your device into Recovery Mode or DFU Mode and then connect to iTunes to fix it to normal. To enter Recovery Mode: Power off the device. Then hold down the "Home" key for 3 seconds and connect it to the computer. If the screen prompts you to connect to iTunes, that means your device is in recovery mode. Now, connect your device to iTunes. To enter DFU Mode: Connect the device to PC and power off the iPhone. Then, press down "Home" key and "Power" button for around ten seconds. After 10 seconds, release the "Power" button.After a couple of seconds, iTunes will detect your device. Please pay attention that you should connect device to iTunes when trying to enter DFU Mode while you should enter Recovery Mode at first and connect device to iTunes later on. After connecting iPhone to iTunes. It will ask you either to update or to restore the device.

  4. If your device is already running the latest version of iOS, you would have to restore your device from the backup files, which means you will lose those data you've never backed up on device. Would you do that? It's totally up to you, but there is a way to get your iPhone back to normal without any data loss. iOS System Recovery works for many types of unexpected malfunctions. Compared to using iTunes to fix iPhone being stuck on Apple logo, this software takes less time and results in no data loss. Step 1. Connect Device to Computer Just launch iOS System Recovery on computer and connect your iPhone via USB cable to it. Go to "More Tools" > "iOS System Recovery" > "Start". There is also an advanced Mode available. However, it would wipe out all your data in order to fix your device back to normal, so use it only if the normal mode fails.

  5. Step 2. Download Matching Firmware The software will automatically detect your device model for the matching firmware package. Please confirm the information and hit the "Download" button. Note that if it fails to download the package, please copy the URL and download it by yourself.

  6. Step 3. Fix iPhone Stuck onApple Logo After finish downloading the firmware package, it will automatically perform the repairing process, and you may have to wait until it's done. Luckily, the software provides a direct way to fix the issue. Even you have no knowledge of any tech novelty, you can just finish it by following the instructions. Notes: How toAvoid being Stuck onApple Logo? 1. Use iTunes to update your device. Normally, updating your iPhone via iTunes is more reliable and trouble-free though the OTAway is far easy and fast to manipulate. 2. Use professional software to transfer and restore data. For that, I am not saying that iTunes and iCloud are bad choices to consider. However, there are some expert software designed to transfer and restore data, which enjoys great reputation across the world. Here I have to recommend two trustworthy software to you, iPhone Data Recovery and iPhone Transfer, which functions as their names tell. 3. Treat your iPhone carefully. You can put on a case or a protector as to well protect your iPhone from breaking. For preventing water damage, now that the water-resistant iPhone 7/7 Plus is available, you may consider buying one.

  7. I've received some emails from readers saying that they've hit this snag when trying to update to iOS 10. Thus, I really hope that this post is helpful for you. By the way, if you not yet try iOS 10, please make a backup for your data in the first place lest some unpleasant problems arises.