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What UNCCI means to the Ugandan Business community PowerPoint Presentation
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What UNCCI means to the Ugandan Business community

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What UNCCI means to the Ugandan Business community
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What UNCCI means to the Ugandan Business community

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  1. What UNCCI means to the Ugandan Business community The anxiety caused by the great depression of 1930's arose the need of a business community to guard the financial base of the members involved in international trade. The consequence was the establishment of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) by the business community during 1933. UNCCI is the oldest surviving nation-wide umbrella organisation for the private sector of business in Uganda. Its objective is to promote and protect the business interest in all sectors that are the base of the national economy like- trade, manufacture, travel and services. It is contributing towards this objective by influencing the strategic decisions on policies and by the recommendation to the government bodies. The 1972 recession resulted in the weakening of the UNCCI which was later reconstituted in 1978 and registered as a limited company. The leadership was made electoral of a term of 5 administrative years. Currently, UNCCI is benefited with cross-sector membership across the country. Its district chamber branches are in almost 80 districts covering all regions. The purpose of the Chamber is to provide local, regional and global access to influential business communities. These purposes create a conducive atmosphere for overall economic development which it expects to achieve through quality service, innovation, integrity and teamwork among the business connections in the network. Membership categories of UNCCI 1.Ordinary (For individual business persons) 2.Silver (For Microenterprises and small retail businesses) 3.Gold (Open for Medium and Large Enterprises) 4.Associate (Multinational businesses, Sector-wise Associations, Large Corporate Companies and Manufacturing industries are eligible for membership) Click here for more information on the membership fees. Benefits of Membership UNCCI Services

  2. Advocacy and influencing Lobbying and advocacy department researches on various issues influencing business communities including laws and policies and presents them to different bodies to promote a growth oriented business system. The UNCCI is a voice of the business community which helps sort out the standings and issues with Ugandan Government.  Issue of Certificate of Origin Certificate of Origin in vital for exports as a part of documentation process and the UNCCI is one of the few organisations that have authority to issue the Certificate of Origin. Subsidised fee and hassle-free processing are the benefits to its member businesses.  Business Advisory Services Small retail operations to huge multinational corporations are offered the most dynamic and up-to- date business information, advisory and developmental services. This service minimizes risks and increases the chances of winning.  Business community networking Through the various programmes like meetings, conferences, events and fairs that are conducted or facilitated by the Chamber, business networking increases the chances of longer business relationships among businesses. But the appropriate mode of communication keeps changing with time and the businessmen need to stay abreast of the recent developments in the Chamber.  Arbitrator while settling disputes Disputes between the members of UNCCI, or between members and the government are settled through arbitration mechanism which helps even-out business conflicts. The chamber holds a strong ground in judgment because of its broad scope of membership and its collection of vast knowledge concerning business.

  3. Awards and Recognition Young Achiever Awards are given away as a motivational tool in promoting  Supports skills development With the partner-support, the skill-developmental courses are held to sharpen the business skills of the members. This helps in fine-tuning of the large unskilled labour force.  Up-to-date business information and Customised statistical report generation Business decision-making is made easy with statistical report generation that can be customised. These statistical reports are utilised to influence the business decisions.  Facilitating inbound and outbound trade and investments The Chamber organises and participates in various events and fairs to promote the Ugandan trade and business as well as individual businesses. This also involves marketing around the globe. Invitations to upcoming trade, business events and likely can be found here. Visit the link for the video http://www.eximdesk.com/buzz/wusme-visits-uncci For more details visit us at:http://www.eximdesk.com/buzz/what-uncci-means-to-the-ugandan- business-community?channel=organic_doc