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SGS Super Keyrings Presentation

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Key Rings


Our Idea Has Grown…

With the loss of some of the other group’s ideas, our business pitch has grown. We now have some more people who chose to join what we think is going to be a very successful company.

As the name suggests, we make and sell different types of key ring. Here are only some of our ideas.

Call Of Duty

X Tables Grid

SGS Logo


Football Team Logos


The Olympic Rings


We sell all our keyrings for the affordablesum of...

Which can give us profits of...

To give to the school and local charities.

Small – 35p

Large – 40p

Small – 75p

Large – 85p

our ground rules
Our Ground Rules
  • Rule 1: Everybody does an equal amount of work
  • Rule 2: Everybody needs to have decent contributions.
  • Rule 3: No-One gets left out or should never be doing nothing.
  • Rule 4: You have 3 warnings and you get kicked out.
  • Rule 5: Always stay on task
  • Punishment: If any of you shall break any of these rules you will get sacked
our group skills
Our Group Skills

Skill Member

  • Leadership Charlie, Harry D
  • Good Researcher Conall, John
  • Hard Worker Everyone
  • Artistic Conall, James, Alex, Finley, Josh
  • Creative Thinking Conall, Max, Josh, Harry S
  • Persuasive Josh, Harry D, Charlie
  • Team Worker Everyone
  • Organisation Charlie, Harry D
  • ICT Skills Charlie, Hayden, Finlay, Alex, Harry D
  • Maths Skills Charlie, John, Max, Finlay,
  • Responsibility Everyone
  • Imagination Harry S, Harry D, John, James
  • Listening Skills Everyone
  • Co-operation Everyone