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Qatar Office for Licencing of Teachers and School Leaders (QORLA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qatar Office for Licencing of Teachers and School Leaders (QORLA). Presentation to the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) January 2009. Qatar. Qatar’s Leadership. Qatar education reform Underlying principles. Choice Variety Accountability

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Qatar office for licencing of teachers and school leaders qorla l.jpg

Qatar Office for Licencing of Teachers and School Leaders (QORLA)

Presentation to the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI)

January 2009

Qatar education reform underlying principles l.jpg

Qatar education reformUnderlying principles





Major undertakings l.jpg
Major undertakings

Reducing the number of Ministry of Education Schools

Establishing and increasing the number of Independent Schools

Comprehensive data-based monitoring and evaluation system

World class curriculum standards

Professional standards for teachers and leaders

Professional standards l.jpg
Professional Standards


To improve the quality of teaching and school leadership which will contribute to enhanced student achievement outcomes in Qatar

Priorities for improving teaching and school leadership quality are to introduce:

  • National Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders (NPST/SL) – Education Institute

  • Licencing for Teachers and School Leaders against the National Professional Standards – Evaluation Institute (QORLA)

School reform approaches learning networks l.jpg
School Reform ApproachesLearning Networks

Schools in a network can achieve more - in terms of building capacity and student achievement - than if they work alone

Learning networks application to qorla l.jpg
Learning Networks Application to QORLA

QORLA expectations:

  • the establishment of learning networks within and between the Evaluation Institute, schools, and the wider Qatar education community will achieve more than the QORLA can achieve independently

  • QORLA will need a series of interdependent relationships/networks to achieve the SEC expectations

Discussion l.jpg

Learning Networks have proven to be effective within and between schools:

  • How can Learning Network theory be applied to country wide reform efforts – policy, research and practice?

  • What are the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in Learning Network application in respect of country wide reform initiatives?

Initiating learning networks qorla understandings l.jpg
Initiating Learning Networks QORLA Understandings

  • Significant numbers of countries with high student achievement have well developed and articulated standards for teacher training and performance

  • The Supreme Education Council Qatar reform is being led by three organisations - the Higher Education Institute, the Education Institute and the Evaluation Institute

  • Qatar Independent schools are self managing within the wider education sector and within the community

Qorla networks a definition l.jpg
QORLA Networks A Definition

An association of two or more organisations who agree to share responsibility for achieving one or more of the specific goals associated with teacher and school leader licencing.

Qorla networks goals l.jpg
QORLA NetworksGoals

  • Support QORLA to move Qatar teachers and school leaders through the stages of change associated with licencing

  • Support QORLA to initiate processes for accrediting professional learning programmes and qualifications which will enhance teacher and school leader supply and quality

  • Deepen own learning and understanding about successful networking and interdependency

  • Deepen learning and understanding about the impact of licencing on teacher and school leader quality and student outcomes

Qorla networks who l.jpg
QORLA Networks ‘Who’

Education Institute


Higher Education Institute

Cognition Consulting Limited

(New Zealand)

Evaluation Institute




Education Sector


States of




Networking tools l.jpg
Networking Tools



Memorandum of Understanding (Institutes)

Terms of Reference (Advisory Panels and Transition Board)


Contracts – Delivery and Accountability

(Supreme Education Council and Cognition Consulting Limited





(Teachers and School Leaders)


(School Attestation Committees)


(Professional Learning Programmes)

Qorla networking characteristics l.jpg
QORLANetworking Characteristics


Evaluation, Research

Reflection, Monitoring

Sharing Learning

Building Capacity, Collaborative learning

Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities, Structure

Common Purpose

Communication, Openness, mutual trust, respect, support, Inclusive

Qorla achievements april december 2008 l.jpg
QORLAAchievements April - December 2008


Business Plan completed

Office Established

Team appointed

E-Portfolio Guidelines promulgated

Attestation Overview drafted

Monitoring and Evaluation commenced

Provisional Licences issued to 85 Operator/Principals

Provisional Licence applications received from 800 teachers and 650 school leaders

Qorla initial evaluation findings l.jpg
QORLAInitial Evaluation Findings

Teachers, School Leaders, Institute, QORLA and wider education sector representatives:

  • are supportive of licencing

  • see a need for licencing to occur to raise the achievement of students

  • agree with the processes that have been implemented

  • are concerned over the lack of implementation detail

  • want more information and detail

  • expressed some concern over the speed of change within Qatar, not just surrounding the QORLA work

Discussion22 l.jpg

  • What should QORLA consider in the next phase of planning and implementation?

  • What learning's are there in Qatar that may assist the ICSEI wider network to support and influence international and country wide reform efforts?