pharma helpline society we care we assist we help l.
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PHARMA HELPLINE SOCIETY we care,we assist, we help PowerPoint Presentation
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PHARMA HELPLINE SOCIETY we care,we assist, we help

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PHARMA HELPLINE SOCIETY we care,we assist, we help - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PHARMA HELPLINE SOCIETY we care,we assist, we help. Announces on line courses for the overall development of pharmacy professionals and students.

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pharma helpline society we care we assist we help
PHARMA HELPLINE SOCIETYwe care,we assist, we help
  • Announces on line courses for the overall development of pharmacy professionals and students.
  • These courses are specially designed and developed to fill the gap between present status of pharmacy curriculum and future requirements and prospects of the world of globalization in the field of pharmacy
  • As we aware that our present curriculum is not sufficient to provide overall information on specific field of pharmacy where a pharmacist can stand with solid knowledge and can gain good remuneration other than a social and academic status.
  • Pharmacy field does not ends with D.Pharm, B.Pharm and M.Pharm but in professional terms, it starts with professional courses and sky is the limit.
phs introduces professional diploma courses gate study material test series
PHS INTRODUCESprofessional diploma courses, Gate study material & Test series

Department of training & development

  • To provide Pharmaceutical specialization for professionals employed in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organization, research & development, academic institutions and for students.
  • To provide an in-depth knowledge & opportunity for skills development in pharmaceutical science & research.
professional diploma in drug design regulatory affair
Professional Diploma in Drug Design & Regulatory Affair
  • Pharma Regulation for IND, NDA, ANDA
  • Status of current GMP Regulation
  • Regulation In Preformulation & Process Validation of drug design.
  • ICH guidelines for pharmaceutical product.
  • Controlled drug delivery system.
  • Recent case study & research study in Pharma Regulation.
  • Computational approaches in Drug Design
  • Structure base & Drug Design

professional diploma in recent clinical trials
Professional Diploma in Recent Clinical Trials
  • Clinical trial Regulation
  • Overview & clinical strategies in regulatory Environment.
  • Ethics in clinical research
  • Recent Advances & Future Trend Clinical Trials.
  • Clinical trials protocols

professional diploma in intellectual property rights ipr
Professional Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Types of IPR & their strategic relevance.
  • Strategic issues & filling procedure Patent Application
  • Drafting & interpretation of patent specification & other document
  • Strategic issues in Trade mark & Copy right.

professional diploma in pharmacy practice
Professional Diploma in Pharmacy Practice
  • Concept of pharmacy
  • Principles and significance of professional ethics
  • Acts and rules pertaining the profession of pharmacy
  • Sales promotion
  • Inventory controls
  • Pharmacy and layout
professional diploma in drug monitoring
Professional Diploma in drug monitoring
  • Global scenario of Clinical pharmacy practice
  • Concept of drug monitoring
  • Drug information systems
  • Patient care and counseling
  • Monitoring of drugs in human tissues
  • Drug interaction
  • Drug surveillance & patient safety
professional diploma in drug store management
Professional Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • Global issues of Business Organization.
  • Channels of Distribution.
  •  Legal requirement of Drug House Management.
  • Modern Technology of Inventory Control.
  • Future trends in Market Research & Sales Promotion.
  • Career Opportunities in Drug Store Management

professional diploma in herbal drug technology
Professional Diploma in Herbal Drug Technology
  • Comparison of Asian Pharmacopoeia on Herbal Medicine
  • WHO Protocol & Global Scenario of Herbal Drug & Medicine.
  • Recent Method, Importance, Extraction & Isolation of Herbal Drug.
  •  Standardization of Herbal Drug.
  • Quality Control & Evaluation of Herbal Drug

professional diploma in cosmetology
Professional Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Formulation & Evaluation of Cosmetics
  • Global Scenario & Regulatory Aspect of Cosmetics
  • Quality control of cosmetics
  • Recent Advances & Future trends of cosmetics

professional diploma in nutrition food
Professional Diploma In Nutrition & Food
  • Clinical Nutrition & Deities.
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Regulatory Aspect of Nutraceuticals & Food.
  • Recent Trends & Concept in Food science & Nutrition.
  • Preservation of Food & Nutrition.
  • Global Scenario & Recent advances in Nutrition & Food Technology

professional diploma in pharmaceutical marketing management
Professional Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management
  • Principle & concept of Management
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • Future aspect of New Product Launch
  • Market Strategy
  • Media planning
  • Sales management
  • Business Communication in Pharma industry
professional diploma in hospital pharmacy
Professional Diploma in Hospital Pharmacy
  • Global Scenario of Hospital – Organization & Hospital Formulary.
  • Computer Approaches in Hospital Management.
  • Regulatory aspect of OTC drugs (Over the counter) and Prescription Drugs.
  • Quality Controls of Drugs at Hospitals.
  • Future aspect of Nuclear Pharmacy.
  • WHO Harmonization for list of Essential Drugs.
  • Clinical Toxicology.

professional diploma in hospital management
Professional Diploma in Hospital Management
  • Principles of Hospital Administration & Planning
  • Healthcare Marketing, Public Relations & CRM
  • Hospital Financial Accounting and Decision-Making
  • Health Care Research Methods: Design and Analysis
  • Health Economics Laws: Health Laws, Ethics, Regulations & Others
  • Hospital Inventory Management
professional diploma in pharmaceutical import export management
Professional Diploma in Pharmaceutical Import Export Management
  • Principles of Management
  • International Business
  • Export Documentation & Procedure
  • Customs, Shipping, & Insurance
  • Market Research for MNC
  • Import Documentation & Procedure
  • International Finance
professional diploma in health management
Professional Diploma in Health Management
  • Health and its dimensions
  • The concept of modern hospitals
  • Health and Hospital Economics
  • Accounting for Hospitals
  • Methods of administration of hospitals
  • Marketing of Health Services
  • Health Administration &Planning
  • Epidemiology
professional diploma in pharmacovigilance
Professional Diploma in Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacovigilance as an aspect of Risk Management
  • Aspects of Pharmacovigilance
  • Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)
  • Sources of Information on Drug Safety
  • Drug Recall and Withdrawal
  • Central drug evaluation & research
  • Important Safety Signals & Investigating Safety Signals
  • Drug Safety Oversight Board (DSOB)

PHS introduces-GATE (PY) on line test seriesIt will containSeven test series ( subject wise), each test series will contain 1500 questions, means total almost 11ooo questions would be provided for exercise. Seven test series are combined & designed as per GATE patternTwo test series would be as gate entrance exam paper pattern

We also provide unique study material by postal mode for the preparation of GATE. The study material (hard copies) in different modules

job outlook
Job outlook
  • You can join as regulatory executive in multinational companies.
  • You can work with CRO’s (Clinical research organization).
  • You can work as a patent agent in patent office & law firms.
  • You can perform the process of patent filling, trade mark & copy rights.
  • You can get job in clinical trials, DRA, new drug research, production, hospitals, marketing, quality controls & academics.
  • You can get very attractive salary through these diploma courses.
contact for details of on line diploma courses
Contact for details of on line diploma courses

Mr. Rajendra Songara (Course Co-ordinator)