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Google News. Is Human Intervention Really Necessary?. Basic Principles. Originally in beta from 2002-2006 Google uses same algorithm behind the regular search engine No human intervention Only algorithm changed Available in 40 regions and 19 languages. Customizability. Website Layout.

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Google News

Is Human Intervention Really Necessary?

Basic principles l.jpg
Basic Principles

  • Originally in beta from 2002-2006

  • Google uses same algorithm behind the regular search engine

  • No human intervention

  • Only algorithm changed

  • Available in 40 regions and 19 languages

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Website Layout

Your Account

Current Stories

Organizational Tools

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Alternative Websites

  • Main competitors are Yahoo News and MSN News

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Alternative Website Pros

  • When accessing, you will see a summary of top news stories on the home page (Google requires you to click “News” to view the top stories)

  • Yahoo News provides news in 12 different genres on its News homepage as opposed to Google News which provides only 8 on its homepage

  • Yahoo News works with ABC News to provide News video clips directly accessible from its News homepage

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Google Pros

  • Though the top news results on any one topic for all three websites is generally almost identical, Google has some distinct advantages:

    • Yahoo is customizable too, but Google is easier to customize and has more features that a user can utilize when customizing for himself or herself

    • Google allows one to type text in the search box on Google News and select either “News” or “Web” whereas the other sites require you to return to the standard web search engine to conduct a web search.

    • Uses search history to provide a “Recommended For You” section of news.

    • Contains an easily accessible archive of news articles (some spanning all the way back to the 1920s.

Controversies l.jpg

  • Google News has brought up news results from controversial websites, including an article from the white supremacist magazine National Vanguard.

    • Has led to the development of a blacklist of IP addresses when searching in Google News

  • In addition, Google News has blacklisted any news that is also censored by the Chinese government.

  • Should Google censor its results?

    • Chinese ISPs would be forced by Chinese government policies to block access to Google

    • Google has chosen the lesser of two evils: A censored Google vs. no Google at all for the Chinese people.

Where do they get their stories from l.jpg
Where Do They Get Their Stories From?

As a news aggregator site, Google uses its own software to determine which stories to show from the online news sources it watches. Human editorial input does come into the system, however, in choosing exactly which sources Google News will pick from. This is where some of the controversy over Google News originates, when some news sources are included when visitors feel they don't deserve it, and when other news sources are excluded when visitors feel they ought to be included.

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Print Media

Advantages of newspaper



*geographical advantage

Disadvantages of newspaper

*People need to pay for it

*Limited information

*Less efficient