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Elements of a System PowerPoint Presentation
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Elements of a System

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Elements of a System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elements of a System. Play, Game, System. Play: jumping System: highway system (no artificial conflict) Game: Rules are the most common element Least mentioned characteristics: “Art” Conflict or contest. Digital Games, non Digital games.

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Elements of a System

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Presentation Transcript
play game system
Play, Game, System
  • Play: jumping
  • System: highway system (no artificial conflict)
  • Game:
    • Rules are the most common element
    • Least mentioned characteristics:
      • “Art”
      • Conflict or contest
digital games non digital games
Digital Games, non Digital games
  • Automated complex systems: capability to maintain and execute sophisticated processes (e.g., maintaining the state of the world in Civilization)
  • Semi-automated non-digital complex systems: Dungeons and Dragons. Board, cards are used in a clever way to maintain lots of information
  • Anatomy of choice:
    • What happened before the player was given a choice?
    • How is the possibility of a choice conveyed to the player?
    • How did a player make a choice?
    • What is the result of choice? How affects future choices?
    • How are the results of choice conveyed?
meaningful play
Meaningful Play
  • Meaningful play: player’s actions have a discernable and integratedoutcome
  • Example of meaningful play: Tekken
    • Discernable: When Nina lands a hit you see it
    • Integrated: Opponent looses hps; when hp reach 0 Nina wins
  • Example of non meaningful play:
    • Squashing rodents in Diablo, Word of Warcraft
  • Relation between Lusory Attitude and Meaningful play
    • If there is no meaningful play, player will not be willing to overcome artificial obstacles in the game. Therefore, looses the Lusory Attitude
game as open and closed systems
Game as Open and Closed Systems
  • As a closed system (no interaction with outside environment), rules are the formal schema of the system
  • Playing is an experiential schema.
    • Play can be both closed (following the rules of the game) and open (social experience)
  • Culture is the contextual schema of the game
    • (word: “zerging”. From here)
  • Magic circle is the time and space where game occurs
    • Separates the game from the “real” world
    • Contains everything relate dot the game as a closed system
    • And the experiential part of the game as an open system
final words
Final Words
  • Average: 79/100
  • This time I took a ‘lusory attitude” correcting the test
  • For Test # 2 and Final exam, I’ll be looking for clarity and precision in your answers