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Disciplined Attention

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Disciplined Attention. Text & On-Line Driver Education Course. Course Description.

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Disciplined Attention

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    1. Disciplined Attention • Text & On-Line • Driver Education Course ©Profile Press

    2. Course Description • The Disciplined Attention Course is a text and web-based driver education curriculum aimed at improving a driver’s attention on the road. The course focuses on distracted and aggressive driving and how to prevent accidents. ©Profile Press

    3. Requirements • You must have a valid email address and access to the internet. The email address that you list on the registration form must remain the same for the duration of the course. • You must read a short book to pass the course. ©Profile Press

    4. Course Length • You can read the book and complete the course in about 10 hours. • After you read the book, you must take a short exam on-line and pass it. You also must complete 2 surveys about your driving habits and be willing to give us feedback about the course. • You can do the course at your own pace…some clients complete the course all at once while others space out the steps over 60 days. ©Profile Press

    5. Course Fees • The cost of course is $60.00, which includes the cost of the book ($29.95, including tax). If you sign up by phone or on the web, there is a $4.95 shipping and handling charge for the book. • Cash, credit card and money order payments only. ©Profile Press

    6. Course Step 1 • Registration…go to: • www.alertdriver.net • or • call (919) 408 -0745 ©Profile Press

    7. Course Step 2 • Complete the On-Line Survey of Driving Beliefs & Behaviors. • The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. • All responses on the survey are strictly confidential and not available to the court, insurance companies or any licensing agency. ©Profile Press

    8. Course Step 3 • Read a book - Disciplined Attention. It’s an easy-to-read book about how researchers and driving instructors advise drivers to improve their attention on the road. • You can learn more about the book at www.disciplined-attention.com. • On-line help about the text material is available during the course. ©Profile Press

    9. Course Step 4 • You will take an on-line exam about the text. You are allowed 3 attempts to receive a passing grade on the exam (70%). If you do not pass the exam after 3 attempts, you can email our staff at examhelp@alertdriver.com for further instructions. • The exam is open-book. ©Profile Press

    10. Course Step 5 • Complete a second On-Line Survey of Driving Beliefs and Behaviors. • The second survey gives you the opportunity to pass along driving tips to other drivers who will participate in the program. • You also have opportunity to provide feedback about the survey and course. ©Profile Press

    11. Course Step 6 • You will be mailed an official Certificate of Completion in the Disciplined Attention Course that you can present to the court. Your certificate will have “Official Certificate” embossed on the surface and you should have it signed by the DA. • The Certificate of Completion may reduce your sentence or the insurance points on your license. ©Profile Press

    12. Course Progress • Each participatant in the on-line program has his/her progress automatically tracked step by step. You may log on at any time and see what steps you have completed, what steps remain and the expected due date. • The due date for completing the course is often your next court appearance date. ©Profile Press

    13. Course Progress ©Profile Press On-line registration, driving surveys, exam, course evaluations and step-by-step student progress.

    14. You are not alone • The Disciplined Attention course covers the same material that has been presented to driving instructors, corporate safety officers and professional drivers in seminarsaround the U.S. and Canada. ©Profile Press

    15. Disciplined Attention is used by: • new drivers • truck drivers • military drivers • teen drivers • athletes • athletic referees and officials • parents teaching children sports • traffic offenders • senior drivers • police cadets and officers • highway patrol troopers • anyone who wants to improve his/her visual attention skills.   ©Profile Press

    16. OUR BIOLOGICAL SETUP – THIS IS GOODThe eyes lead Old view & new view –attention & emotions Two visual attention systems: the detail & wide view Visual routinesVisual processing times Emergency and peak performance THE BREAKDOWN – THIS IS BADThe eyes get stuck – target fixation & tunnelingWhen the eyes stick the most Basic, primitive process – no wide viewEye panic & getting lost in the scene Disrupting motor responses & smoothness HOW TO IMPROVE – THIS IS VERY GOOD Attention skill development Calm scene processingHone the focal system – the path to visual referencesPutting it together under pressure TOPICS ©Profile Press

    17. This is the 159 page book you must read to pass the course. It is written at a 10-12th grade level. It is hardbound to last. ©Profile Press

    18. Book Statistics • Book Statistics • Title: Disciplined Attention • Subtitle: How to Improve Your Visual Attention When You Drive • Author: Kenneth C. Mills, Ph.D. • ISBN: 0-942267-29-X • LCCN: 2005900135 • CIP: 1. Automobile drivers--Psychology. 2. Motor vehicle driving--Psychological aspects. 3. Vision. 4. Attention. • TL152.7 .M55 2005 • 629.283 • Length: 159 pages • Binding: 6” X 9” hardcover, printed case • Additions: 3 illustrations, 2 tables, 10 exercises, bibliography, index • Website: www.disciplined-attention.com ©Profile Press

    19. Book Abstract • The book extracts life-saving ideas from top driving instructors and research scientists to give you simple exercises that can be practiced each time you drive. First, you discover how your visual attention is uniquely challenged when you drive, the latest findings on hazard perception, how expert drivers control their attention, and importantly, how disrupted attention leads to collisions. The reader progress through 4 stages of how to improve visual attention, with 10 simple exercises that become part of everyday driving habits. ©Profile Press

    20. Teaching Guides • The following 2 slides can be printed and used as summary illustrations of the topics in the book and the Disciplined Attention seminar. They cover the target fixation cycle and how it leads to crashes. The second slides illustrates accident prevention strategies. The cycles can also be used to train peak sports performance. (PowerPoint versions available). ©Profile Press

    21. 1/10 second primitive EYES SPOT A THREAT UNFAMILAR UNEXPECTED MAYBE MOVING Injury or death Evoked Fixation Response Target Fixation- Lock Up Cycle May be a necessary part of training Crash, missed play!!! Stuck or panicked eye routines Under 2 seconds Old habits Responses start to freeze Actions go to ONE threat Both Mental and Physical freezing Mental lock up Ramps into tunnel vision Time distortion Hard to control ©Profile Press Disciplined Attention © Profile Press 2005

    22. EYES SPOT A THREAT UNFAMILAR UNEXPECTED MAYBE MOVING Ready for more action Evoked Fixation Response Scan the scene: up, down, left, right NECESSARY training Avoid crash, make the play!! Prevention & Survival Skills Trust your eye movements Flash recognition training Trained Habits Develop focus skills Actions go to multiple threats Acquire familiar targets and move on Situation Awareness Visually move through the action Control and Flow Sense of CALM ©Profile Press Disciplined Attention © Profile Press 2005

    23. About the author • Kenneth C. Mills Ph.D. is a psychologist & scientist. He has traveled the U.S. developing simulations and training programs for professional drivers: police, firefighters, EMT’s, school bus driver and professional truck drivers. His scientific background and the practical advice of top driving instructors provided the basis for the Disciplined Attention textbook, on-line course and seminar. ©Profile Press

    24. Please visit • www.disciplined-attention.com. • www.alertdriver.com • www.alertdriver.com ©Profile Press