building applications for mobile appliances l.
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Building Applications for Mobile Appliances PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Applications for Mobile Appliances

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Building Applications for Mobile Appliances - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Applications for Mobile Appliances. Sassan Sanei. April 24 , 2002. BlackBerry wireless handheld. Wear/carry “palm size” form factor Tone, vibrating, LED notification Backlit Keyboard User-selectable 13, 16 or 20 line display Ideal for displaying web content or applications

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Building Applications for Mobile Appliances

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Presentation Transcript
blackberry wireless handheld
BlackBerry wireless handheld
  • Wear/carry “palm size” form factor
  • Tone, vibrating, LED notification
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • User-selectable 13, 16 or 20 line display
    • Ideal for displaying web content or applications
    • Reverse backlight
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
    • Docking and charging cradle
  • 8MB Memory
    • Intel Flash RAM
    • Ample memory for data intensive users and third party applications
  • Built on Java Platform
    • Provides industry standard programming environment
  • Integrated Applications
    • Email, organizer, SMS, phone, browser
    • Built-in headset jack supports add-on phone application
how blackberry works

Email is compressed and encrypted(Triple DES)

Reply is decompressed, decrypted and received like “regular” desktop email

How BlackBerry works

Desktop PC

Email Software

Email is decompressed and decrypted

BlackBerry Handhelds

User composes reply, which is compressed and encrypted (Triple DES)


or Domino

Email Server

Bell Mobility Network

Corporate Firewall

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

the paradox of wireless applications
The paradox of wireless applications
  • The best wireless applications use wireless the least
    • Application must be useful both in and out of coverage
    • Need to minimize airtime cost and battery consumption
  • What if all the data is stored on a remote server?
    • Example: all appointments store in a calendar on a remote server
    • Application will not work out of coverage – can’t even check meetings
    • Must use airtime for even simple operations
  • Use wireless intelligently
    • Local processing and data storage is necessary for certain applications
java 2 platform micro edition j2me
Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME)
  • Java addresses the paradox of wireless applications
    • The application must be useful both in and out of coverage
    • Processing is done locally and data can be stored locally
    • Airtime cost and battery use are minimized
  • BlackBerry supports Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) as its core operating system and development platform
  • 3 million Java developers
    • Java is already widely used in the enterprise – no need to “sell” benefits of Java
    • No need for programmers to learn a new language – shorter development cycle
java is standards based
Java is standards based
  • Java uses existing Internet standards
    • HTTP is the same mechanism used to deliver web pages to your PC’s browser
    • No need for you to learn new protocols just to support wireless devices
  • Java is platform-independent
    • Write once, run anywhere
    • HTTP abstracts the network layer, so it is not necessary to learn how to address a wireless network
    • Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Palm, NTT DoCoMo, and others have all announced support for J2ME
what java means to wireless handhelds
What Java means to wireless handhelds
  • Java offers secure memory management
    • No memory leaks!
    • A poorly written (or maliciously destructive) application cannot write into the memory space allocated to another application
    • Bounds checking makes it impossible to write to element 51 of a 50-element array
  • Java “byte code” is highly compact
    • Small code size means that applications can be emailed as an attachment to a BlackBerry or browsed to as a web page, even over a narrowband network
  • But portability requires an interpreted language
    • This means that Java applications run slower than C/C++ counterparts
    • New BlackBerry devices compensate for this with faster hardware
push vs pull
Push vs. pull
  • “Pull” means the user requests information
    • Departure times of the next 3 flights from Toronto to Montreal
    • Hotels with rooms available from April 25 to April 27 for $150 to $200
    • Directions to a good jazz bar near the hotel
    • Local weather forecast for the next 5 days
  • “Push” means alerting the user to a new event
    • You’ve got mail
    • Flight AC 565 delayed to 4:17 pm,departing from gate D11
    • Rental car is in Hertz parking slot 78,free upgrade to luxury car
    • Restaurant Le Merlot Rigolo is offeringa 2 for 1 dinner special – tonight only

RIM Integrated Development Environment

Workspace view

Full Featured Editor

Class Browser


Powerful Debugger

Comprehensive debug views

Conditional Breakpoints

Expressions and Variables


Testing and Performance tools

Coverage Analysis



IDE debugging code in simulator

Device simulator running Java

IDE can also debug Java on RIM hardware over the serial port

closing remarks why java matters
Closing remarks: “Why Java matters”


Work with ISV partners to designand deploy value-added servicesthat increase the utility of BlackBerryand the ROI for BlackBerry customers

What BlackBerry provides:

BlackBerry provides all necessaryinfrastructure and device technologiesto quickly deploy secure wireless extensionsto existing enterprise applicationsand consumer services