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www.racethrutheword.com e-mail drparable@cox.net

Non Commercial use of this presentation is authorized without written permission from the author

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The Oval Racetrack (Mall) Bible Timeline drparable@cox.net was created to help Motorsports Fans (and Mall Shoppers) learn the basic 7,000-year story of Creation and Redemption. The one lap, 7,000-year journey counter clockwise around the racetrack (mall) starts… where else… at the Starting Line (Mall Entrance); then proceeds counterclockwise into Turn 1 (Store 1); around the track (mall) thru Turn 2 (Store 2); then heads down the Backstretch (Food Court) into Turn 3 (Store 3); continues around to Turn 4 (Store 4); comes back to the Finish Line (Mall Entrance); then moves up to the Pit Area (Gas Station); finally arriving in the Garage Area (Parking Garage) safe in the arms of Christ! No more racing (shopping)… no more accidents (long lines)… no more pain and suffering (sore feet)… Home at Last… for Eternity!!


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The Oval Racetrack (Mall) Bible Timeline drparable@cox.net is labeled at 1,000 year increments using red numbered circles 1 thru7. As the race (shopping tour) begins (red 1), the first accident occurs… known as “The Fall” Adam and Eve sin! The date for this first accident is approximately 4,000 BC (note: many dates during this presentation are approximate dates… calendars and methods for keeping track of dates have changed over the centuries). The second thousand year period (red 2) starts when Noah is born (~ 3,000 BC); the third thousand year period (red 3) starts when Abr(ah)am is born (~ 2,000 BC); the fourth thousand year period (red 4) starts when the United Kingdom of Israel, also known as the Nation of Israel, is divided into two smaller kingdoms, the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and the Southern Kingdom of Judah (~ 1,000 BC); the fifth thousand year period (red 5) starts when our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ is born (~ 4 BC); the sixth thousand year period (red 6) starts when the Christian Church splits into the Western Latin Roman Church and the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church (1,054 AD); the sixth period (red 6) will end when the Rapture, the Great Tribulation, the Second Coming, and the Battle of Armageddon occur. The seventh and final thousand year period (red 7) is known as the Millennial Reign; and finally, the New Heaven, New Earth, and New Jerusalem (red E) are created for eternity! The blue letter (G) below red numbers 1 and 2 is for Gentile; the blue letters (G – J) below red numbers 3 and 4 are for Gentile and Jew; and the blue letters (G – J – C) below red numbers 5 and 6 are for Gentile – Jew – Church. Simply put: the first 2,000 years of the race (shopping tour) will have Gentiles only; the second 2,000 years will have Gentiles and Jews only; and last 2,000 years will have Gentiles, Jews and the Church only. Note: people from all six sections will be Saved by Grace thru Faith in Christ (Grace is not a New Testament concept!).

You will also notice a LEGEND on the right hand side of the slide. The Legend will be provided on each slide to help you keep track of the pattern of events that will repeat as the race (shopping tour) unfolds. This pattern of events repeating during the race is the Hebrew model for understanding GOD’s 7,000-year plan for redemption. This repeating pattern is known as Prophesy as Pattern. The Hebrew model of prophesy as pattern is in direct contrast (not conflict) with the Western model of prediction and fulfillment, known as Prophesy as Prediction. And because the Christian Bible is written from the Hebrew mindset of prophesy as pattern (2nd Peter 1:21), the discussion through out this presentation will emphasize the many patterns that repeat as the race (shopping tour) unfolds.


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The first 1,000 years covers “The Fall” in the Garden of Eden to the Birth of Noah. Notice the letter (I) in a circle. This indicates that “Innocent Blood” was shed to cover Adam and Eve’s original sin, disobeying GOD. This pattern of shedding innocent blood (I) will occur twice more during the race. Notice the letter (X) in a circle. Satan first tried to exterminate mankind in the Garden; he will try many more times until Christ is raised from the dead in red Section 5. Next, notice that nine generations occur after Adam’s birth. One man in that group, Enoch, was taken out or “raptured” before his physical death, the letter (R) in a circle. At least twice more during the race this rapture pattern will occur. Also notice (in Red) that the ten generations from Adam to Noah, when put in sentence form using their Hebrew meanings, forms a sentence that tells of the Messiah’s first coming. Next notice the letter (C) in two different circles; the letter (C) indicates that a covenant has been made. Notice that one letter (C) has a line through the letter; the other letter (C) does not. In this first covenant, the letter (C) with the line thru the letter, Adam and Eve disobey God; they eat from the tree (Gen 3:6) and broke the covenant. The second covenant with the clear letter (C) is the “unconditional” covenant GOD made to send the seed of the woman to crush the head of the seed of the serpent (Gen 3:15). Note about covenants: God will make eight covenants (C) during the race. Two of the eight covenants are “conditional” on man keeping his end of the bargain (both conditional covenants will fail, noted by the (C) letters with a line through the circle). Next notice the letter (V); we were to eat “vegetation” only. Next you will notice that the gray circle Moon is used to track the days of the month on the Ancient Jewish calendar. Gentiles only are running the race now. No Jews will be running in the race for redemption until about 400 years after Abraham is born in red Section 3. And finally, notice the Gentile behavior pattern” circle just to the left of the Legend. The circle illustrates the behavior pattern for the Gentiles: Peace, then Life Crisis, then Trapped, then Cry Out, then Move on, then a New Purpose… They are always looking, but never finding lasting peace!


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Noah to the birth of Abr(ah)am. When Noah is 500, it starts to rain, really heavy! The track (mall) is flooded. The track (mall) is destroyed by water (E-W); a pattern of total destruction starts (the earth will be destroyed at the end of the race, but next time by fire “E-F”). During the flood, all race teams, except Team Noah,are destroyed. The letter (C) is the “unconditional” covenant made with Noah not to destroy the earth again using water. The letter (X) indicates another attempt by Satan to exterminate the seed of the woman during the flood. But Noah found grace (G~L) in the eyes of GOD (Gen 6:8). Grace was at work long before the birth of Christ! Noah had faith in GOD (F) when he was told to build the Ark (for 120 years Noah was ridiculed by other race teams). The letter (F) starts the faith pattern for the race, being counted righteous in the sight of GOD through faith alone! This justified in the sight of GODby faith alone (F)pattern will continue throughout the race (grace and faith have always worked together!). Once the track dries, Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives, restart the race. They are told that they now can eat vegetation and meat, so the letter (V) is lined through. But soon after the race restarts, race teams that don’t have faith in GOD decide to build a tower… in the middle of the track! These race teams try to short circuit the race, man’s attempt by works (W) to reach GOD on his own. This works(W) pattern will repeat many times over! But faith in GOD (F) is what gets racers to red Section E (heaven), not works! So GOD confuses the language for the “tower building” race team, causing them to scatter from the building site. Eventually, two new race teams are started: Team Egypt and Team Assyria (Team Egypt will enslave Team Israel coming out of the next turn. Team Assyria will destroy the Northern Kingdom of Israel mid way down the Backstretch). The pattern of using “UN” godly race teams (U) to discipline Team Israel later in the race is put in place here in red Section 2.Note: All racecars continue to be Gentile racecars… the Jewish racecar (essentially Team Israel) will not enter the race until 400 years into red Section 3.


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Two unconditional covenants (C) made with a to rain, really heavy! The track (mall) is flooded. The track (mall) is Gentile named Abram: (1) build Team Israel; (2) Abram’s descendents get the Promised Land (but God owns the land, Lev 25:23!). Team Israel (essentially Jews) is built thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,Gen 17:5. But these 3 men marry barren women. Faith by Abraham (F), and Divine Intervention (D) allow these 3 women to bear children leading to the Messiah, who will also require divine intervention (D) in Mary for His birth. Next a fiery crash occurs. Team Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by fire; divine intervention spares Team Lot (D). But more trouble occurs when Team Israel reenters the race; Team Egypt is used by GOD (U-1) to penalize Team Israel (Gen 15:13). Once again, innocent blood (I) will be shed (Passover) to release Team Israel from possible extermination (X). GOD uses plagues (P) on Pharaoh to release Team Israel; in an odd twist, plagues (P) will be used on Team Israel at the finish line (Great Tribulation) to convince them that Christ is the Messiah (Hos 5:15). Upon release from Egypt, the Israelites head to the Promised Land. Manna (M) is sent to feed them on their journey (GOD’s Word will be the manna (M) for Team Church on their journey). GOD makes a “law” covenant (C) with Moses: but Team Israel serves other gods; this last of the two “conditional” covenants is broken! 4 prominent Jews (Joseph, Moses, Boaz, Solomon) marry Gentile Brides; the (G) pattern starts. Christ will marry a Gentile Bride, Team Church! GOD makes a covenant (C) that David’s descendants will occupy his throne forever. The 7 candle Menorah is GOD’s wrist watch (W-W). The “7” candles represent a pattern that will repeat during the race. The 3 candles on the left foretell of Christ’s 1st coming; the 3 candles on the right foretell of His 2nd coming; the candle in the middle foretells of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. The (MT) represents a mobile Temple (tabernacle or synagogue); the (PT) is a permanent Temple (the MT and PT pattern will repeat). Team Israel now has in place a High Priest (H) who will make a sacrifice (I) to temporarily cover Team Israel’s sins for one year; thus, this “atonement” sacrifice must be repeated! Christ will remove the repeated blood sacrifice requirement after His resurrection! The 4 cups of the Ancient Jewish Passover foretell of Christ’s actions 1,400 years later at the Last Supper, and in the Garden of Gethsemane! The Jewish Behavior pattern of “Peace-Disobey-Judgment-Deliverer(Messiah)” starts here in Section 3; the Gentile (non Jew) behavior pattern continues as before!


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Team Israel’s “Peace-Disobey-Judgment-Deliverer(Messiah)” pattern continues, as does the Gentile pattern of “Peace-Life Crisis-Move On-New Purpose”. So GOD splits the United Kingdom of Israel (S) into 2 smaller divided kingdoms (Team Church will also split (S) mid way thru it’s existence!). God sends many prophets to both kingdoms to bring the two teams back to GOD; it doesn’t work. The Northern Kingdom goes thru 19 ungodly kings (6 dynasties)! In 722BC, GOD allows ungodly Team Assyria (U) to destroy the Northern Kingdom. The Southern Kingdom of Judah does not do much better. Judah has 20 rulers (5 to 8 were considered good or OK); all 20 are from a single Davidic dynasty (the unconditional covenant “C” made earlier with David). In 586 BC, GOD allows ungodly Team Babylon to capture the Southern Kingdom (U). Solomon’s temple (PT) is destroyed in 586 BC. While in 70 year captivity a “temporary” worship site is used “Synagogue “(MT). After 70 years Team Judah is released from Babylon, returns to Jerusalem, and rebuilds the second temple (PT). Other events of note: the prophet Elijah is “raptured” (R) before death, repeated from 3,500 BC (Enoch); justification by faith (F) continues as a pattern (Hab 2:4); Esther saves the Jews from possible extinction (X), known as Purim; Alexander the Great creates the Greek Empire. Upon his death, 4 generals split his empire. Greek Logic and Reason (L) will impact thinking about GOD and His Creation. In 168 BC, a Greek ruler puts the image of the Greek God Zeus in the temple “Holy of Holies” establishing the pattern known as “abomination of desolation” (A). This (A) pattern will trigger the Great Tribulation at the end of red Section 6. Also during this Greek period, the Old Testament is translated from Hebrew to Greek (the Septuagint LXX). And even though the Romans conquer the Greeks before Christ is born, the general population in the Holy Land at the time of Christ speaks and reads Greek (Christ included). During the time of Christ, Latin is the official language of the Roman Empire and Hebrew is used by the Jewish scholars of the day. Pontius Pilot spoke and read Greek, Hebrew, and Latin!


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Christ is born! Divine intervention (D) allows Mary to conceive the Messiah. Christ will shed His Innocent blood (I) to remove (not cover, but take away!) the sins of man (the crucifixion). Satan continues to try repeatedly to kill Christ (3-X); it doesn’t work! During the Last Supper, Christ uses only 3 of the 4 cups normally used during Jewish Passover: Cup 1 blesses and “sets apart” His disciples; Cup 2 is “dripped” on the table to demonstrate the wrath He soon will endure (the cup that He asked His Father to take away); Cup 3 is the cup of redemption, the New “unconditional” Covenant (C). Cup 4 is the cup of “consummation”. He will drink from Cup 4 with His Gentile Bride (G) in Heaven. After His ascension to Heaven, Christ becomes High Priest (H), interceding 24/7 on believers’ behalf. However, non believing Jews continue to stress the need to obey “rules” to earn their way to GOD (W). The Holy Spirit comes to earth on the Day of Pentecost (represented by the 4th or middle candle on the Menorah) and fills a large group of individual mobile temples (MT) known as Team Church! Herod’s Temple (PT) is destroyed in 70 AD. The Jews must worship, even today, in a non permanent Synagogue (MT); however, a (PT) will be built prior to the Great Tribulation at the end of Section 6. Jews become believers in Acts 2; Samaritans (part Jew and Gentile) become believers in Acts 6; Gentiles become believers in Acts 10. The Apostle Paul is called (Acts 22:10) to take the gospel (the “good news” 1Cor 15:3,4) to the Gentiles (Acts 13:47). Paul writes 13 letters to Gentile believers/pastors. Other New Testament letters are written to new Jewish believers by James, Peter, John, and Jude. Also in the first century, Christ dictates, thru an angel to the Apostle John, 7 letters to the 7 churches located in what is now eastern Turkey (Revelation 2 and 3). Christ’s first 3 letters (to Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamum in Revelation 2) seem to describe Team Church behavior during this period. The Christian Behavior Pattern of “peace-disobey-forgiven-aftermath” starts in this section; the Gentile and Jewish Behavior patterns remains the same. The Holy Spirit now lives inside Team Church. Team Church will be powered by GOD’s Word (M), until the rapture occurs at the end of Section 6. Note: there now are 3 racecars in the race: Gentile (G), Jew (J), and Team Church (C).


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When entering conceive the Messiah. Christ will shed His Innocent blood (I) to Section 6 above, Team Church experiences a major split (S). The eastern Orthodox (Greek) Church moves to modern day Turkey; the western Catholic Church (Latin) is located in Italy. Christ predicted in His letter to the church at Thyatira that His Church would split. He warned them not to worship idols and icons; but they disobeyed. Then 400 years after this major split, a series of brave men begin to translate the Hebrew, Latin and Greek scriptures into the languages of the common people. This effort provided the general public first hand access to the Word of GOD, causing a further split (S) within the church. In 1517, a German speaking clergyman named Martin Luther reminds the “official” Latin speaking church of the day that “Salvation by Grace thru Faith in Christ” has been, and still is, the bedrock theology of the Christian bible (F). This does not set well with the “official” church of the day. Neither did the reminder by Christ sit well with the “official” Jewish church of His day that justification is by faith (F) alone, and not by works (W). This pattern of legalism (works - W) continues today to such an extent in many parts of the Christian Church that Team Church has split (S) into 33,000 denominations! Christ predicted rampant legalism and apostasy when He wrote letters to His churches at Sardis (you are dead) and at Laodicea (you are lukewarm). Fortunately, the Missionary church, Team Philadelphia (patient and overcoming), still clings to the bedrock Christian theology of “Salvation by Grace thru Faith in Christ”. Other events during this period include: The Gentile racecar now takes direction from the Theory of Evolution and continues the Gentile Behavior Pattern of Peace-Life Crisis-Trapped-Cry Out-Move On-New Purpose, using logic and reason (L) to claim that humans were created by some random process, not by The Creator. After 1,900 years, Team Israel is reestablished in 1948; plagues (P) will be hurled upon the earth once again, this time at Israel, as were hurled earlier on Team Egypt; the antichrist will place his image in the future permanent temple (PT) in Jerusalem to trigger the Great Tribulation (A) as did the Greek ruler in the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem in 168 BC; and the Rapture will occur (R), once again demonstrating that believers need not die a physical death before being with Christ.


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The conceive the Messiah. Christ will shed His Innocent blood (I) to list of events that start this seventh thousand year period, are, for the most part, agreed upon. However, the order of the events is not! 33,000 different interpretations of the scriptures has created many schools of thought regarding the order of events!! So rather than provide the order of events in this brief discussion, the pattern of the events themselves will be discussed.

When the remaining members of Team Church (the Body of Christ; Romans 11:25) are saved, and the rapture (R) takes place, individual members within the Body of Christ each receive rewards as a function of what that individual did with the gifts GOD gave them during their respective lifetime for His Glory… NO TEAM AWARDS at the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor 5:10)! Believers (individuals who are Saved by Grace thru Faith in Christ) whose works were done to glorify themselves during their lifetime, those works will be burned away! As regards the Great Tribulation period, a (PT) is built where the antichrist will place his image in the Holy of Holies, the (A) pattern repeated. This event will trigger a 3 ½ year period that is the second half of the seven year time frame known as the 70th week of Daniel (Dan 9:27). At the end of the Great Tribulation period, the Battle of Armageddon occurs when Christ returns to the earth… His 2nd coming. Satan is bound at the beginning of this seventh thousand year period to demonstrate that man will continue to sin for 1,000 years without the influence of Satan! “The devil made me do it” will not hold up as an excuse for sinful behavior. The construction of a millennial temple (PT) is described in Ezekiel 37, 40-48. Ezekiel 37:24 indicates that David will return to help rule over the Millennial Kingdom. At the end of this seventh 1,000 year period, Satan is loosed for a period of time and a final battle occurs. Following this final battle on earth, the Great White Throne Judgment occurs (Revelation 20). Those whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life will be lost. The Millennial Reign ends with the earth being destroyed by fire (E-F)… and then being renewed for eternity!!


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The 7,000-year race for redemption is conceive the Messiah. Christ will shed His Innocent blood (I) to finished. All racers that were Justified by Grace thru Faith in Christ (F) are now safe for eternity in the New Jerusalem Garage Area. The Bride of Christ (G) has become a joint heir… a Royal Priesthood, a Chosen People, and a Holy Nation (Ephesians 3:6; 1 Peter 2:9). The (CT) in the circle signifies that Christ is the Temple for eternity… no more (MT) or (PT) (Revelation 21:22). And believers will once again eat from the tree of life (V)… no more animal sacrifice!!

So Dr. Sonny… what’s your point? Well… from the beginning of the race until now, whether God’s people worshipped Him: (a) in front of an altar made of broken rocks (Christ, our Rock), or (b) in a tent made of animal hide and hair (Tabernacle), or (c) inside a permanent Temple (PT) made of smooth, finished stone (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Millennial, or the New Jerusalem), or (d) inside a mobile Temple (MT- Jewish synagogue), or (e) on the inside of each individual believer (mobile Temple filled with the Holy Spirit, Team Church), GOD was always with His people… He never slumbered nor slept (Psalm 121:4)!! Special thanks to the bible commentary work of Dr. J. Vernon McGee, Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Hal Lindsey, Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. Wayne Grudem, International Evangelist and author Perry Stone, and Distinguished Professor of Preaching Warren Wiersbe for providing their own bible commentary grass for me to graze upon so that GOD could produce through me this racetrack bible commentary milk known as the Oval Racetrack (Mall) Bible Timeline ©


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In the Beginning conceive the Messiah. Christ will shed His Innocent blood (I) to

At the beginning of the race (shopping tour) there were ten generations from Adam to Noah. The Hebrew meaning for each of the 10 names read as follows: Man (is) - Appointed - Mortal - Sorrow. The Blessed God - Shall come down - Teaching (that) - His death shall bring - The Despairing - Comfort (rest). These 10 names tell of the coming Messiah. That’s incredible! What’s even more incredible, is that at end of the race, the Hebrew meaning for the names of the 12 Tribes Israel, as listed in Revelation 7, reads as follows: Praise the Lord - He has looked on my affliction (and) - Granted good fortune. Happy am I. My wrestling - Has made me forget my sorrow. God hears me - (and) Has joined me - Purchased me - Exalted me - (and) Adding to me - The Son of His Right Hand!

Now just think about that for a moment. The Creator of the Universe, our Redeemer, and the author of the scriptures, tells us, up front in Genesis,that those who believed in Him during the race (shopping tour) will be redeemed before the race (shopping tour) is over. He then tells us in the final book of the bible, Revelation, that He will welcome home for eternity all those, who during the race, “Ran the good race, Finished the race, and Kept the Faith” 2nd Timothy 4:7!! So… if God has called you during this presentation to trust Him with your life, just ask Him from yourheart (Romans 10:9) to do so in the following prayer: “Father, I know deep inside that my sins have separated me from you. Please forgive me. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.”

If you prayed that prayer sincerely and truthfully, from your heart, welcome to Team Church (the Gentile Bride of Christ)!

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