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Welcome to our New Horizons Wildcats and Parents! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our New Horizons Wildcats and Parents!

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Welcome to our New Horizons Wildcats and Parents! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to our New Horizons Wildcats and Parents!. Mrs. Dona Evans, Horizons Science. Mrs. Cathy Carr-Helmuth, Horizons English/Language Arts. Mrs. Cindy Newcome, Horizons Social Studies. How is the Horizons Program structured at NFMS?. l advanced content.

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Presentation Transcript

Welcome to our New Horizons Wildcats

and Parents!

Mrs. Dona Evans, Horizons Science

Mrs. Cathy Carr-Helmuth, Horizons English/Language Arts

Mrs. Cindy Newcome, Horizons Social Studies


How is the Horizons Program structured at


l advanced content

l Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)

l served daily

l academic class


How is the Horizons classroom different than

the regular classroom?

l differentiation

lcurriculum compacting

linstructional and learning activities



How is my child's placement determined?

lGeorgia Department of Education Gifted placement matrix

lsubject area(s) grade point average

lCoGAT or other mental abilities score

lCRCT scores in subject areas

lteacher recommendation

lstudents are served according to content(s) of strength


What can my child and I expect?

l exceptional learning environment

ladjustment period

lorganizational structure

lhigh expectations of teachers and students


Program Expectations

  • lstudents must maintain a B average in gifted class(es) and
    • regular academic content classes

lgood citizenship

l strong work ethic: producer of excellence

lability to manage multiple tasks and long-term assignments

lability to work with a group - demonstrate leadership


Plan of Improvement:

  • lstudents are monitored each grading period to ensure
    • eligibility
  • lparents may be notified of plan of improvement which outlines
    • goals to ensure success

This does not mean your child is being removed from Horizons.

They are being given an opportunity to make changes to ensure



Wonderful World of Science with Mrs. Evans

Sixth grade students will study Earth Science through hands-on

activities, field trips, and science fair projects. They will explore the

scientific method through meterology, astronomy, hydrology,

oceanography, and geology. Students will need to have strong math

and science skills.


Welcome to the World of English Language

Arts with Mrs. Helmuth!

A three year comprehensive program covering all GPS. During the

year's course of study, students will read approximately eight novels

participating in book talks and inquiry-based learning activities. This

course will consist of intensive reading, literature, writing,

grammar,research, and oral communication skills. Students need to

possess strengths in reading, writing, and grammar.


Travel the World with Mrs. Newcome

Sixth grade Horizons Social Studies/Geography studies North and

South America, Europe, Russia, Australia and Oceania. Students

should be interested in world events (past and present) and have

rudimentary analytical skills to make connections between past and

current events and situations. They will be exploring cause and effect

relationships, comparing and contrasting a variety of history related

topics. Students will participate in hands-on learning activities (mock

election, debates, etc.) and possibly participate in Geography Bee or

Social Science Fair.


Extracurricular Learning and Leadership Opportunities

lFuture Business Leaders of America

lStudent Council

lScience Olympiad

The crew of the mock space shuttle is preparing

for liftoff. Actual NASA liftoff and landing

scripts are used for the mission.

lBuilders Club

lLiterary Club

lBook Club


lWriting and oratorical contests


Parents we need YOU!

l access Parent Portal on a regular basis

lview teachers' webpages as resource

lassists students with organization - planner

lcommunicate student needs - email best communication tool

  • lparent volunteers : guest speakers, field trip chaperones, copy
    • parents, and assistance with classroom activities