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Secure Email with ZixCorp PowerPoint Presentation
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Secure Email with ZixCorp

Secure Email with ZixCorp

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Secure Email with ZixCorp

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  1. Secure Email with ZixCorp Iowa Division of Banking

  2. What is ZixCorp Secure Email? • ZixDirect – Delivers encrypted email to an individual user mailbox • Zix Portal - Stores the encrypted email until it expires and is then destroyed

  3. You must have Java Runtime installed on your computer. Your browser must be able to support a Java Applet. You must register your email address on ZixCorp. You must have an internet connection. You must register your email address on ZixCorp. Requirements for use ZixDirect Zix Portal


  5. ZixDirect • Encrypted email will be delivered to your regular mailbox. The encrypted content will be displayed as a html attachment.

  6. Click the message to open

  7. Open the Attachment

  8. Open the Attachment

  9. Java Applet • Your browser will open and try to load a Java Applet. • If you don’t have Java installed, you will need to install it. • Once you install it, you will not have to install it again.

  10. Java Installation

  11. Your screen might look like this if you do not have Java. You will want to follow the prompts to install Java.

  12. Click Install

  13. Click to Accept Typical is Selected Then Click Next Click Next Installation of Java Java is installed!!

  14. Java Applet Installation

  15. Set up Account • If you do not have an account set up, you will be asked to create one. • Remember your password for future secure emails.

  16. Click Register Password nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn

  17. Your password is registered. Now you should check your inbox to confirm your registration and activate the account.

  18. Click to Activate your account

  19. Your account is now active. You can now go to your other open window and click on “read your message.” Or, open the attachment in your email again.

  20. Click to read.

  21. Read your Message • You have to enter your password before you can read the message. • You can also Forward or Reply to the message with another secure message.

  22. Click to view your message You have to enter your password. Click on “Remember my password” to avoid this screen in the future.

  23. Reply to the message

  24. Click Reply

  25. Click Add Attachments Click Open example.doc

  26. Your attachment can be viewed at the bottom of the message.

  27. Click Send

  28. You have just sent a reply with a secure email. You can either return to the message, or close the window.

  29. Java Applet is not able to load correctly • Some email clients will not open the Java Applet correctly (i.e. Outlook Express) • There will be an option to resend the message as a link after you open the original attachment. • Follow the prompts to view your message.

  30. Open the Attachment

  31. Click Resend Message There is a problem with the browser loading the Java Applet.

  32. Your request was sent. Now you should check your inbox to receive another email.

  33. Click on Unique Link

  34. Click Submit Password nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn My favorite password

  35. You can now view your message using the Portal. You may Reply or Forward just like normal email.


  37. Zix Portal • The “Portal” is the web site that enables you to send secure email to the IDOB. • You must have an individual password protected account set up on the Zix Portal.

  38. Click Secure Email Link

  39. Click to Log In

  40. Can’t remember your password? Create a new one. If you don’t have an account set up, you must register for a new account. If you have an account, enter your password and login.

  41. Click Submit Password nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn My favorite password

  42. Go to your email account. You must click on a link to confirm your account on the portal.

  43. Click on Link to activate account

  44. Click Continue

  45. Click Log In nnnnnnnn

  46. Click Compose

  47. Attach Files if desired You must type in an IDOB employee’s address Click send when your message is ready.

  48. Your email was sent. Now you can log out or send another secure email.