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English Conversation Audio

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English Conversation Audio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Watch and listen to real English conversation audio to improve your speaking, listening and vocabulary faster. Each video and podcast have a audio transcription. Download today at https://www.realenglishconversations.com/real-english-audio/english-conversations

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English Conversation Audio

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    1. Learn Faster Than Ever with Our Free English Conversation Lessons! Real English Conversations https://www.realenglishconversations.com/

    2. Free English Conversation We provide exclusive tips and lessons for email subscribers to improve speaking, listening and vocabulary faster. We understand you. We have helped thousands of people like you speak English fluently. Our subscribers succeed and they succeed faster! You will too! Real English Conversationshave been recorded by Amy & Curtis to help you learn the American English accent and English expressions through natural conversational English dialogues.

    3. EnglishPhrasal Verbs If you want to be fluent in English, you need to know phrasal verbs and how they are used in everyday situations. We have developed audio course to help you understand the phrasal verbs used in context through examples and stories. You can listen to one English Phrasal VerbPodcast lesson a day or as many as you like. Download the audio and transcriptions to listen or study anytime. The stories and all of the lessons are available to through our Phrasal Verb Course

    4. EnglishConversations Podcasts English podcasts are a great way to continue improving your English when you are away from home. Listen to natural English conversations that will help you to understand how people speak to each other in everyday life. Each of the free conversation lessons is about 15 minutes long! We have another English Podcast that helps you to understand Phrasal Verbs.

    5. EnglishConversation Audio Each audio lesson explains: ▪ What the phrasal verb means ▪ An alternative way of expressing the same idea with a ‘non’ phrasal verb ▪ 2 example sentences

    6. Over 1 Million English Conversation Lessons Downloads from Our Podcast! Listen to our conversations on your phone! Subscribe to our English podcast to get a notification when we have a new lesson ready for you Listen to our conversations on your phone! Subscribe to our English podcast to get a notification when we have a new lesson ready for you

    7. Reach Us Email: contact@realenglishconversations.com Email: contact@realenglishconversations.com Website: https://www.realenglishconversations.com/ Website: https://www.realenglishconversations.com/