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Why Kids Need Health Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Kids Need Health Insurance

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Why Kids Need Health Insurance
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Why Kids Need Health Insurance

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  1. Medical Insurance

  2. Why Kids Need Health Insurance

  3. Children are known for their small voices, cute faces, and their magnetic attraction to dirt and germs. Being a trendy pre-teen or adventurous. • You may not be able to protect your little ones from every little germ, but you can have peace of mind by having a health plan for your child. • Getting a health plan for your child is one of the most immediate things you can do to support your child’s health and wellness. • Health plans are available to purchase during open enrollment, now through January 31, 2016. 

  4. Help Paying for medical Insurance • Two areas to pay attention to when shopping for a best medical insurance in India are cost and doctors. • If affordability is a concern, you still have options. You can see what plans fit your budget and your child’s needs by entering basic information on our website. • Providing information like family size, zip code and income will help to determine if you qualify for a subsidy. • Last year many people learned they qualified for a premium tax credit or cost sharing assistance.

  5. “It was very stressful from a mother's standpoint,” Amy said. “And the last thing that we wanted to have to worry about was the financial end of that. And having Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance, we knew that we didn't have to worry about that.” • Having a health plan is a pretty big deal when it comes to raising your kids. So, unless you plan on putting your kids in a bionic bubble – having a health plan is the next best thing. • [Source: https://connect.bcbstx.com/getting-health insurance/b/weblog/archive/2015/11/24/why-kids-need-health-insurance]

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