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Is A Used Fridge Still A Good Deal? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is A Used Fridge Still A Good Deal?

Is A Used Fridge Still A Good Deal?

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Is A Used Fridge Still A Good Deal?

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  2. Is A Used Fridge Still A Good Deal?

  3. Any home would find surviving without a refrigerator quite troublesome. Even if it is just to store ice and water, fridges have become a staple in every home. But what can folks with limited funds do about purchasing a brand new refrigerator? Such people often go with the idea of buying a used fridge because that’s probably what makes financial sense to them. Which brings us the question of the hour - are used fridges a good deal? They’ve been in other homes, storing their food and being used round the clock. So how can you tell if a second hand fridgeis still a worthy investment?

  4. Never buy a fridge that merely looks nice. If the fridge is anything more than 5 years old, it might need a little restoration and servicing before it can function well. • Unfortunately, homeowners who simply sell their refrigerators to upgrade rarely go into the trouble of getting repairs done. However, if the fridge is less than 5 years and in good physical condition, you can still give it a chance. Anything less than a year is also a pretty solid deal. Check Age & Physical Condition

  5. This is the single most important factor that can shed a lot of light on an appliance’s condition. If the owner isn’t willing to supply service history details of a refrigerator that is older than 5 years, you may want to look at other options. • However if the service history shows only regular maintenance routines and minor repairs and no part replacements as such, the fridge should be an ok buy. Service History

  6. If you just don’t have the time or the inclination to go around and inspect quailty of fridges, just go with a reputable vendor. Especially a vendor with an online presence and considerable tenure in the retail space. • They have a reputation to keep up and are fearful of backlash. This makes them give the best products and services to people who approach them. • Guarented is an expert of sorts in appliance refurbishment. We have a skilled team of technicians, repairmen and similar professionals who restore used appliances to near new conditions. If you shop with us, you won’t be disappointed. Vendor Reputation

  7. Almost everyone offers free delivery these days. But how many are willing to provide benefits that are actually useful? Very few. The thing with used appliances is that sometimes even sellers aren’t very sure about the quality. A homeowner who is merely trying to dispose off an old appliance will rarely give guarantees on product quality. • This puts the buyer at risk of suffering financial losses if repairs are needed immediately after sale. Additional Perks

  8. If the perks we provide and the superior product quality weren’t enough to sway you, here’s more. We even provide a buyback guarantee for a whole year. • Should you discontinue the use of the fridge you brought from us during that period, we will take it off your hands for a previously agreed sum of money! No more having to advertise or negotiate with potential buyers. Guarented has you covered! So why wait? Browse Guarented’s amazing collection of refrigerators and take one home soon! Service Warranty

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