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Engaging Patients with Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Engaging Patients with Social Media

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Engaging Patients with Social Media
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Engaging Patients with Social Media

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  1. Engaging Patients with Social Media www.tellemgrodypr.com

  2. Social media is growing by leaps and bounds every day. In fact, you can engage and educate many people at once with tweets, blogs, Face book posts and other basic platforms. Below are a few tips to increase user engagement with your medical practice via social media. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  3. Face book –You can increase your followers by having a detailed educational Face book page where people can post questions publicly and privately, get information, find camaraderie with others who share an illness or trade treatments. A great way to increase your reach is through Face book’s “promoted” posts. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  4. Twitter – By using a hash tag (#) and a specific health condition or topic, you can uncover hot health topics people are talking about and join the conversation. If you are new to Twitter, lurk and listen. See what interests people and engage them in conversation. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  5. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, ask yourself these questions before starting. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  6. Who are you trying to reach? - Around 90% of the young people use Apps, so if you are launching a campaign about healthy eating and want to reach 18 –34 year old people, then design an APP and get on Twitter. And if it is the elderly, best to look at Face book and online sites like AARP to get the message out. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  7. 2. Who’s in charge of content? Creating content takes time. So hire a PR agency to create and post content as companies who publish great content have a better chance of standing out from the crowd. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  8. 3. Will the content be helpful or offensive? - Know your audience and share health content that’s meaningful and relevant. Once you have written the post or tweet, have someone review it. Face book prohibits a lot of health related photos, so be prepared to tone it down. www.tellemgrodypr.com

  9. Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc. • 30745 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. 243 • Malibu, CA • 90265 • (310) 313-3444