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C@H www.manavata.org Charity @ Home ‘ Paropakarardamidam Sareeram’ Charity starts at home - be the change which you want to see in the world Make your home a happy, healthy and harmonious (3H) family www.manavata.org www.charityAtHome.org C@H Introduction

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www manavata org



Charity @ Home

‘Paropakarardamidam Sareeram’

Charity starts at home - be the change which you want to see in the world

Make your home a happy, healthy and harmonious (3H) family

www.manavata.org www.charityAtHome.org



  • Many families are suffering from different issues starting from basic health issues to family relationships. It is a fact that most of the issues are due to ignorance, lack of ethics and laziness. They just try to be nice in talking but not in reality.. They don’t even bother to help when some one is suffering at home.
  • We believe that by promoting best practices at home we can help to achieve our mission of creating healthy, happy and harmonious families.
  • A famous saying is "Charity starts at home".. This is really true.. As we all know if people can take responsibility of their own and if they can spend some time with their family in helping each other through healthy life style this world can become much better.
  • We are what we do.. Not what we say or what we feel. So let us do good.. Let us do our primary duty.. Let us not damage either health or environment by any of our actions.





Objective:To create healthy, happy & harmonious families

Scope: promoting possible best practices at home

Deliverables: project case studies, initiating & running projects, best practices in execution of projects, team building, articles and communication

Interfaces: committees and chapters


justification to support mission
Justification to Support Mission

As part of manavata activities and experience we have gained over past 17 years, we understood that charity at home is most important aspect of great cause in human life. If people can perform their duties well at home with conscious effort, that makes them healthy and happy which helps us to achieve our mission.


known risks
Known Risks

Program could have negative impact if :

  • Volunteers do not follow best practices themselves before taking to people
  • Providing too much information in a complex manner to the public


mitigation plan for risks
Mitigation Plan for Risks

Practice before preach: volunteers who are involved in this project should adopt best practices at their home first before trying to pass this message to others.. Message should reach people by living as an example rather than sessions.

One at a time: it is important for people to understand and follow best practices. So make sure that the messages are going in right order, kept simple and easy to understand.



Initiate projects under following:

  • Health awareness
  • Children health
  • Awareness for Pregnant women
  • Healthy Cooking workshops
  • Yoga camps
  • Environmental awareness
  • Publish content on best practices in different ways for different groups of people
  • Conducting training camps for children to improve their skills
  • Eco-Economics: Every household should invest 10% of income for Environmental care. 5% of the time for health and fitness


action items
Action Items
  • Get the final content ready to publish on web for public
  • Identify project co-ordinators for each chapter
  • Kick-off meeting for program
  • Identifying projects and initiating them



Program team who are responsible to execute this program is as follows:

Madhu PrasadAjithSreedeviSreelakhmiSriram MDinesh




  • It is an ongoing program of Manavata.
  • Going forward different projects & events will be initiated by program team under “Charity @ Home”
  • Projects are executed in particular time period in different regions