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cTg www.manavata.org Charity Together ‘ Unity is our strength and Synergy is our strategy’ Together we can make this world better World is our home.. let us make it a happy, healthy and harmonious (3H) home www.manavata.org www.charitytogether.org Introduction

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www manavata org



Charity Together

‘Unity is our strength and Synergy is our strategy’

Together we can make this world better

World is our home.. let us make it a happy, healthy and harmonious (3H) home

www.manavata.org www.charitytogether.org

  • Basic idea of this program is to unite people and organizations together for a good cause.
  • A famous saying is “Unity is our Strength". Hence we all should take responsibility and action our efforts together in creating a better world.
  • To share experiences and promote best practices in the charity sector to bring in efficiencies to serve the needy



Objective:To bring people and organizations together for a good cause

Scope: Share experiences and promote best practices to bring in efficiencies to serve the needy

Deliverables: project case studies, initiating & running projects, best practices in execution of projects and governance of charities, team building, articles and communication

Interfaces: charity organisations, Volunteers from various charity sectors and committees


justification for mission
Justification for Mission

As part of manavata activities and experience we have gained over past 17 years, we understood that quite a few organisations & individuals want to serve the needy but :

  • Lot of efforts going into basic setup instead of the actual service
  • Lack of experience & knowledge results in wastage of time and effort
  • Lack of directions causing charity to go in a wrong path & get misused

The “Charity Together” mission aims to address all these problems and provide efficiency in charity


known risks
Known Risks

Program could impact if :

  • Region based expertise not available
  • Any discrimination by any means
  • Any ambiguity in guidelines


mitigation plan for risks
Mitigation Plan for Risks

Knowledge base: Keep building regional knowledge base and consider regional preferences in program team decision making

Act Secular: Do not discriminate any organizations or any individuals by any means

Clarity in guidelines: Maintain content appropriately without any ambiguity. It is important to review content time to time.



Initiate projects under following:

  • Charity workshops to share experiences
  • Share Governance Principles for quick set up
  • Collaboration with organizations
  • Executing Catalyst projects together with organisations
  • Publish content on best practices in different ways for different charity groups
  • Conducting training camps for organisation to improve their governance skills
  • Project management & Leadership training to volunteers from various charity organisations


action items
Action Items
  • Get the final content ready to publish on web for public
  • Invite organisations for the “Charity Together” program
  • Identify project co-ordinators from each charity organisation
  • Kick-off meeting for program
  • Identifying projects and initiating them
  • Providing tools and web sites for charity organizations





Program team who are responsible to execute this program is as follows:

Srinivasa Alluri

Kiran Indukuri,

Sriram rahi,

Pradeep Gadicharla,

Sangeetha Yechuri,

Gopal Gaddam,

Sashikanth Boyinapally

Kiruba Manohar


  • It is an ongoing program of Manavata with a few organisations at the moment.
  • Going forward many organisations are expected to be linked for the program “Charity Together”
  • Projects & Events are executed in particular time period in different regions