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Setting the Stage with Fairy Tales PowerPoint Presentation
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Setting the Stage with Fairy Tales

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Setting the Stage with Fairy Tales - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dawn Y. Moretz Drama Teacher Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts Union County Public Schools. Setting the Stage with Fairy Tales.

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Presentation Transcript
Dawn Y. Moretz

Drama Teacher

Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts

Union County Public Schools

Setting the Stage with Fairy Tales


Within seven 35 minute lessons, students will be introduced to the geography and culture of 3 diverse European countries through the lens of 3 fairy tales by:

  • Exploring each story's setting via virtual tour
  • Acting out each story while it is shared orally
  • Reflecting on the similarities and differences

between each story’s plot, setting, and


nc scos objectives


Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade: 1.01-1.05; 2.04; 2.05; 3.01-3.04, 3.06; 4.02-4.04; 5.02-5.03; 6.01; 8.04


Kindergarten: 2.01; 2.02; 3.01; 3.02; 3.04; 4.02-4.04

1st Grade: 2.05; 2.07; 4.01; 4.02

2nd Grade: 2.01; 2.04; 2.06; 3.03


Kindergarten: 1.04; 1.05; 3.02; 4.01; 4.02; 5.01; 5.02

1st Grade: 5.02; 5.06; 7.03

2nd Grade: 3.03; 5.02; 5.06

NC SCOS Objectives:


  • World Map
  • Culture kits/travel bags of focus countries (Germany, England, and Armenia )
  • Computer installed with Google Earth
  • Projector/screen
  • Fairy Tale Texts:
    • England-St. George and the Dragon retold by Margaret Hodges
    • Germany- The Water of Life retold by Barbara Regasky
    • Armenia- The Contest adapted by Nonny



Lessons 1, 3, 5: Introducing geographical journey/location of each focus country

Invite the class to

join you on an

adventure to another

country on another continent by flying on an airplane from North America to Europe.


Identify North America, then the United States and finally North Carolina on a world map.


Simulate the airplane flight :

Check for

passports & money:

Pound for England

Euros for Germany

Dram for Armenia


Go thru security

  • Board the plane
  • Take off

Prep for Taking Flight


Enjoy drink/snack provided by

the flight attendant

  • Look out window –Take note of

the Atlantic Ocean

  • Prepare for landing

(seats up, trays up,

belts fastened)


Once students "disembark" from

plane, “explore” sites of focus country by viewing trip via

Google Earth and

clicking photos.


Use UNC Culture Kit or a self-created travel bag to provide the souvenirs…

UNC Culture Kits

…music, dolls, money, map, flag, postcards, photos, artwork, non-fiction books, etc.)


Lesson 2, 4, 6:

Acting out the Fairy Tales

  • Ask the students to recall the airplane flight they took during the previous lesson. Review the route using the world map and Google Earth tour.
  • Explain that in today's lesson, the class is going to learn and act out a fairy tale that comes from that country.

Introduce each character from today 's fairy tale by modeling a pose that represents each character.


Tell the story, allowing the students to either mimic your movements or create their own that match the events being described.


At the conclusion of the story, invite the students to bow or curtsy, and then give each other applause.

lesson 7 comparing contrasting fairy tale components

Invite students to strike a pose as a character from an assigned story…Mix and mingle among classmates and introduce self in character…Chat about how you behaved in your story.

Lesson 7: Comparing/ContrastingFairy Tale Components

Students get “back to back” with a partner. Review the beginning, middle, and end of each story using “ping-pong” method with partner.

  • Have partners complete graphic organizer comparing/contrasting similarities and differences of characters, settings, plots.