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how has technology changed the way we view and play sports l.
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How Has Technology Changed the Way We View and Play Sports? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Has Technology Changed the Way We View and Play Sports?

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How Has Technology Changed the Way We View and Play Sports?
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How Has Technology Changed the Way We View and Play Sports?

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  1. How Has Technology Changed the Way We View and Play Sports? Group 6 Jason Fishkind Dave Tardiff Ross Tesoriero Jamie Jacobs

  2. Topics

  3. Major League BaseballTechnological Innovations for the Team’s Perspective • Moneyball • ScoutAdvisor • Inside Edge • Sportmaster Pro • iPod

  4. Moneyball • Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A’s • Sought new methods of evaluation and scouting baseball talent • Used “Sabremetrics” to calculate a player’s value • Used On-Base % & Slugging % (Better Indicators of Success) • Made a science out of identifying promising players on the rise before they commanded a “star salary” • Picked his teams accordingly with many unwanted players • Consistent winner with bottom 5 payroll in MLB

  5. Information Systems ScoutAdvisor/Inside Edge IT Software that helps streamline data reporting and information management for scouts & the front office Fully customizable software with centralized database for daily player updates and daily game reports Access to all major & minor league player transactions Used by 6 of 8 Playoff Teams this Year A hand-held computer with a touch screen that allows scouts to track an entire baseball game in real-time Can mark location of every pitch thrown Data can easily be analyzed to see what pitches a better prefers to hit and which ones have the best chance of producing an out Sportmaster Pro “They’re making million-dollar decisions. Information is power in that respect.”

  6. iPod • Video was always common in MLB • Several years ago, teams would issue players DVDs to help study their opponents and themselves • Teams now loading player’s at-bats and pitching performances • A 60-GB iPod can hold ~ 5 seasons’ worth of at-bats for hitters or all pitching performances, plus opponents’ at-bats for pitchers • “It just takes a few minutes. It’s like putting a song on from iTunes.” - Brian Jones, A/V coordinator, Colorado Rockies • “Anything you can do to help yourself get ready for [games] is a good idea.” - Dontrelle Willis, Pitcher, Florida Marlins Jason Jennings Pitcher, Colorado Rockies

  7. Major League BaseballTechnological Innovations for the Fan’s Perspective • K Zone/PITCHf/x • Virtual Ads • Lead-off Line • MLB.TV • PayPass • Future of Baseball

  8. K Zone & PITCHf/x Measures to within 2/5 an inch First system used Won an Emmy award Shows an accurate portrayal of the way pitchers “work” batters Measures to within 1/2 an inch Reveals data about trajectory, speed and acceleration

  9. Virtual Ads, Lead-Off Line & Hit Charts

  10. MLB.TV Business Issues Create a high-performance, scalable and available data center infrastructure Deliver real-time and archived audio and video content to subscribers Develop an on-demand digital asset management system $14.95/month or $79.95 for full season Results Offer up to 15 live games daily and more than 6,000 audio-streamed games during the season Deliver more than one billion minutes of streaming media and over 2,430 full-length games to over one billion visitors Average 6 million visitors daily with record-breaking 15 million visitors in a single day 10 million page views per day with record-breaking 90 million views delivered in a single day No application downtime in two years of operation

  11. PayPass • 12 MLB ballparks began accepting PayPass • “Contactless” payment option giving fans the chance to pay for purchases under $25 • Must have PayPass-enabled card or special device • Yankee Stadium • Shea Stadium (Mets) • Citizens Bank Park (Phillies) • Turner Field (Braves) • Dodger Stadium • PETCO Park (Padres) • Busch Stadium (Cardinals) • Jacobs Field (Indians) • Wrigley Field (Cubs) • US Cellular Field (White Sox) • Fenway Park (Red Sox) • Great American Ballpark (Reds)

  12. Future of Baseball on TV • Choice of Camera Angle • Catchers Perspective • Outfielders Perspective • Choice of Announcers • Podcasting SporTVision

  13. Influence of Technology on How to Play Golf • Brief History • Clubs were made out of wood and steel -- “iron” • Golf Balls made from leather bags stuffed with feathers– called “featheries” • Gradual change to one, two and three layered rubber balls “I think that 95% of the guys on tour would say that the changes in the golf ball today have made a bigger difference in the game than anything else.” Andy Brumer

  14. Golf Ball Technology • The Golf Ball • First made from feathers • Mistakenly became dimply • Rubber ball 1898 • Regulations • The weight was set at a maximum of 1.620 oz., and diameter not to be less than 1.680 inches • USGA max of 250 feet per seconds • Today, golf balls vary with plastics, silicon and rubbers insides • Golf Balls are made for all sorts of different type of golf play and abilities

  15. Fitting Golf Club Technology • Launch Monitoring – watches how the ball is hit • Accusport – takes a series of pictures to watch spin and calculate height • Zelocity Pure Launch- calculates ball distance and height by radar with specially designed golf balls

  16. Improving Your Game • GolfTEC’s SEVA Pro teaching system • Latest swing analysis • Within 1/10th of a degree • Compares to database of Pro Tour averages • Over 150 Professionals tested the system • Advanced training aid • Beeping alarms • Video feedback provides quicker learning • high speed digital cameras • Real vs. Feel

  17. Improving Your Game • SEVA Pro continued • Web lessons • View lessons from your home or office • Professional critique • Expected to improve 3 times quicker using the videos • The National Golf Foundation

  18. Golf and Technology • Starr Caddy – GPS and PDA • Digital map of course • Exact distance to the green, doglegs, sand traps and water hazards • Chooses best club for every shot • WiFi option • Keeps score

  19. Examples of the Star Caddy Display Screens

  20. GPS • GPS and WiFi are improving operation efficiencies • Mounted GPS units in carts • Backend and forward management information system and between players, and the club’s shop • Improves speed of game and tee times

  21. National Football LeagueTechnological Innovations for the Fan’s Perspective“Creating technologies to meet collective needs and change the game” • SporTVision’s 1st & 10 Line • Virtual Down and Distance • PassTrack / KickTrack • Video-in-Perspective

  22. SporTVision “Nation’s premier innovator of sports broadcasting technology for fans, media companies and marketers”  Founded in 1998 innovating the FoxTrax Hockey Puck • 8 Emmy Awards for Broadcast Enhancements • Innovators of 50% of the Interactive Broadcast Advancements in Sports Television

  23. Technological Benefits To develop innovative real-time technologies that assist the fan in viewing aspects of sport that are: • Hard or impossible to see • 1st Down Measurements • Happen a lot • Video-in-Perspective (VIP) • Central to the understanding of the game or sport • Rush / Pass Charts

  24. SporTVision & SGI Application of Strategic Technology SGI: Organization that has many professional services that help to accommodate “customer-centric” solutions. Virtual Teams Core Competencies:  High Performance Computing  Visualization High Level Architecture Distributive Interactive Simulation networking CONSTRUCTIVE SIMULATION: creates synthetic environments

  25. Constructive Simulation Requirements • System Orientation of Field w/ respect to angle • 8 Computers  Location of individual yard lines • Sense” camera movement (Tilt/Zoom/Focus) • Line must “follow the curve” • Sense exterior variables for authenticity • Color Palettes  Be aware of other “superimposed graphics” on screen • Advertisements

  26. 1st & 10 Yellow Line 8 Computers Total Central Computer  3 TV Configured 4 SGI Computers

  27. Virtual Down & Distance • Provides reference & understanding • Supplements 1st down line • Example: Laser awareness of “superimposed graphics” due to color palettes.

  28. Video-in-Perspective • Artificial Virtual Billboards • Cumulative Rush/Pass Charts • Statistical Analysis • Red Zone Efficiency • Player Bios/Stats

  29. PassTrack & KickTrack • 3D Representations capable of determining - Average speed - Player timing - Pass/Kick distance - Pass/Kick accuracy

  30. SporTVision in ActionClick Here

  31. Poker Above: Chris Moneymaker Below: Amarillo Slim Above: Doyle Brunson Top Right: Hole Cam Right: Phil Ivey