RSSing Organisational Capacity
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RSSing Organisational Capacity Sarah Phillips eLearning Coordinator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RSSing Organisational Capacity Sarah Phillips eLearning Coordinator Why blended learning ? Attribution: "In an Osterizer Galaxie far, far away..." The Platform The Goals

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RSSing Organisational Capacity

Sarah Phillips

eLearning Coordinator

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Why blended learning ?

Attribution: "In an Osterizer Galaxie far, far away..."

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The Goals

Trial and document the use of RSS feeds in conjunction with Wikispaces and Google Reader to create an automated delivery, assessment and reporting system.

Determine technical requirements, policies and procedures, human resources and skill sets required, and any other issues encountered.

Determine training requirements for trainers and learners for use of the system.

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The Choice

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The Steps

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The Skills

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Trainer Induction

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10 ways to train trainers

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Other comments

One of our participating trainers stated in a progress report:“..The younger members of the group became immediately empowered as they took their turn in nurturing the more mature group members who were not as competent with their skills. One student who has some issues with literacy skills suddenly did not require as much 1:1 assistance…”

A further comment in the trainer’s progress report stated: “..I sent a small assessment task to each of the students and they promptly returned their task to my mail box. For those students that had limited experience with this they were suddenly inspired to add to their skills and experience…”

One of our learners stated:

“…Frustrating, but after a couple of times, I started to gain more confidence and enjoy the challenge...”

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Development of support material

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How we are planning to use it. Attribution: "Mactastic Workspace"

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And Patience.....

Attribution: "Patience is a virtue...all good things come+to+those+who+wait!"

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Sarah Phillips

eLearning Coordinator

Continuing Education Bendigo

Skype: Phisar2