our first americans l.
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Our First Americans

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Our First Americans. A Review for History SOL 2.2 Betty Jo Acker EDUC 540 November, 2002. What Will We Learn about First Americans? .

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our first americans

Our First Americans

A Review for History SOL 2.2

Betty Jo Acker

EDUC 540

November, 2002

what will we learn about first americans
What Will We Learn about FirstAmericans?

SOL 2.2 The students will compare the lives and contributions of American Indians (First Americans), with emphasis on the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands, the Sioux of the Plains, and the Pueblo people of the Southwest.

the three regions native people living there
The Three Regions & Native People Living There
  • The Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands
  • The Sioux of the Plains
  • The Pueblo of the Southwest
the powhatan of the eastern woodlands region
The Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands Region
  • Named for Chief Powhatan
  • Included many tribes, located mainly in Virginia
  • Were hunters, fishermen, and farmers
  • Walked and paddled canoes
the sioux of the plains
The Sioux of the Plains
  • Lived on the Great Plains or prairie
  • Hunted buffalo, used parts of the animal for items used everyday
  • Walked or rode horses
the sioux tepee
The Sioux Tepee
  • Nomadic people, needed to move to follow herds for hunting
  • Lived in tepees, which could be moved easily
  • Built with poles covered with buffalo hides
the pueblo of the southwest
The Pueblo of the Southwest
  • Lived in the hot, dry Southwest desert
  • Built permanent homes using adobe bricks
  • Were farmers
  • Walked for transportation
contributions of the american indians
Contributions of the American Indians

Arts (jewelry,

Pottery, weaving)

Legends and


Respect for



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