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National Center for Construction Education and Research PowerPoint Presentation
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National Center for Construction Education and Research

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National Center for Construction Education and Research
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National Center for Construction Education and Research

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  1. National Center for Construction Education and Research Promote National Construction Career Test OVERVIEW Develop Maintain Deliver

  2. Have your students taken theiroccupational skill test today? • NCCER has developed skill tests for students • All test questions are referenced to curriculum National Construction Career Test

  3. National Construction Career Test • Knowledge tests developed by educators and craft professionals • Skill demonstrations linked to knowledge tests • Provide program, instructor, and student evaluation opportunities • All test items linked to the Contren ™ Learning Series curriculum

  4. National Construction Career Test • NCCER provides quality training and assessment • programs: • Craft & Technical Skills • Safety & Safety Management • Project Supervision • Project Management • for industrial, maintenance and pipeline • contractors across the country NCCER is now applying this proven expertise to help your students in the transition from school to work.

  5. National Construction Career Test NCCER currently provides: Written assessments for 34 craft/technical areas Performance verifications for more than 150 job/task areas Curriculum for more than 35 craft/technical areas More than 80,000 journey level assessments scored Nearly 121,000 performance tasks verified Test development partner with 50+ years experience in test development & administration A trusted and proven process that will work for your school, teachers, and students

  6. National Construction Career Test • NCCER along with its partner Prentice Hall Publishing • understand school system needs: • No Child Left Behind • Perkins • Accountability • Career Technical Education • Cost • Validity • Reliability • Ease of Administration NCCER NCCT test results in less than 30 minutes

  7. National Construction Career Test • NCCT written tests are all developed to meet • standards set forth by the American Psychological • Association • Psychological Services, Inc.(PSI) is NCCER’s • test development and administration partner • Every test development workshop is led by a PSI • psychometrician • Each item on every test is written, edited and • approved by subject matter experts and referenced to curriculum A program matched to the 10 foundation knowledge and skill areas for the Construction & Maintenance/Operations Pathways.

  8. NCCER/NCCT ASSESSMENT PARTNER Founded in 1946, PSI has been providing testing services to business, industry, and government for over 55 years. The company comprises four divisions: Examination Services, Consulting and Litigation Support, Test Publications, and Aptitude Testing for Industry. PSI has developed hundreds of licensing and employment examinations that have been successfully administered to millions of candidates. PSI is nationally recognized for expertise in psychometric and statistical procedures and routinely applies item analysis techniques to examination evaluation. PSI has developed comprehensive computer programs for item analysis, including both statistical and judgmental procedures, as well as measures of item quality, including difficulty, reliability, job relevance, etc. In 1990, PSI’s Examination Services Division was established to specialize in the development and administration of licensure and certification examinations. PSI has numerous contracts testing real estate salespersons and brokers, appraisers, residential builders, maintenance and alteration contractors, builders’ salespersons, HVACR contractors, plumbers, gasfitters, electricians, smog technicians, auctioneers, private detectives, emergency medical technicians, dentists, residential mortgage lenders, and many other professions and trades. PSI Examination Services Division delivers both paper-and-pencil and computer-administered examinations in test centers across the country. We have administered tests in over 250 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada to groups ranging from a single candidate to over 2,000 in a single session. PSI Examination Services Division is headquartered in Glendale, California.

  9. National Construction Career Test Development • Content Validity: • Job/task behaviors • Define job-related knowledge, skill and ability • Examination plan • Validation of examination items • Test questions: • Practical rather than theoretical • Application of knowledge (not simply recall of facts) Subject Matter Experts: Write, edit, review, assign difficulty rating and approve each & every question in a workshop conducted by a PSI psychometric professional

  10. referenced to Assessment Curriculum National Construction Career Test Each question developed and approved for a NCCER written NCCT test is referenced to a module contained in the Contren  Learning Series. Which means to you: • Students know what material they need to study • Teachers know how many students need further • training in specific learning areas • Schools can be focused on needs; students • will learn more effectively..since tests are • “standards based” This could make your program more effective

  11. Administrative / Score Reports National Construction Career Test Student Training Prescription: provides overall score, score by topic area, Pass or Training Recommended Test Site Reports: • Individual student results • Overall test site results • Results by topic area • Summary results by test site All test site & student reports are available within 30 minutes after answer sheets are transmitted to PSI

  12. Testing Methods National Construction Career Test • NCCT test formats: • Paper/Pencil • Fax-in Scoring, • Results in 30 Minutes • Computer based • Results in 2 Minutes

  13. Test Security National Construction Career Test Security:Guiding Principle..ensure each student has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge level • Registered Test Sites • Trained Test Site Administrators • Trained Proctors • Order entry / distribution control • Multiple forms of each test by category • Ongoing question and test statistical analysis

  14. Record Keeping Information Flow National Construction Career Test Student Takes Test PSI Scores Test Test Site Results for Individual Students Results to NCCER NCCT Web Site Test Sit e Reports NCCER National Registry All this in 30 Minutes or less NCCT Registered Test Site

  15. National Construction Career Test How many students could be reached by NCCT? • Department of Education, Office of Research; 2000 • reported: • 8,519,000 students enrolled in VoTech programs • between the ages of 15 - 19 • 834,862 (9.8%) were enrolled in Trade & Industrial • programs • If only 5% are assessed it means each year over 41,000 • students could begin developing an NCCER transcript • which is portable to the workplace NCCER offers the Unique ability to link NCCT results to the workplace once your students graduate. A real value to your students

  16. National Construction Career Test Office of Technology Assessment 1992-1993 Written competency testing for occupational skills is either mandated or strongly encouraged by: 33 States

  17. National Construction Career Test How do I get started? • Complete the School/Test Site Registration Form • Compete the self-directed Administrator Training • Sign the Certificate of Understanding • Order the tests you need All forms and additional information can be found on the NCCER Web

  18. National Construction Career Test HOW MUCH ? • Written Test (paper or computer based format) • Skills Demonstration (performance component) • Score Reports (Individual & Registered Test Site) • Certificate of Participation (for student) Cost to Registered Test Site for each test: $25.00

  19. About: National Construction Career Tests