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Introducing Badge Ads  Geo-targeted Advertising Solutions  PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing Badge Ads  Geo-targeted Advertising Solutions 

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Introducing Badge Ads  Geo-targeted Advertising Solutions  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing Badge Ads  Geo-targeted Advertising Solutions  Badge ads prominently appear on every web page within our site. (shown here on front page) ------------------------- Badge ads are geography based. Advertisers can focus on national, state, and multi-city markets.

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Introducing Badge Ads

Geo-targeted Advertising Solutions

Badge ads prominently appear on every web page within our site.

(shown here on front page)


Badge ads are geography based. Advertisers can focus on national, state, and multi-city markets.


Two General Types of Advertising

Both are effective but the fit depends on your

business’ organization and marketing strategy.

A Variety of

Advertising Options

Every business is different.

Business Listings

The traditional yellow page organization displays business listings in an organized manner (alphabetical by business name). These listings are both proximity and SIC based (I.e. a particular business will be categorized as a sporting goods store, located in a particular city).

By purchasing any variety of advertising enhancements, a business will stand out from its competitors and gain the attention of the consumer.

The logic fits for most businesses. However, for those with multiple locations (especially national companies), no brick & mortar storefront, unique or difficult to classify business description, the traditional advertising method does not achieve advertising goals effectively.

Badge Ads

Badge ads open up an entirely new realm of possibilities for companies desiring a visual advertising option outside the parameters of traditional listings. Badges are perfect for companies wishing for wider visibility across geographic and industry boundaries. See next page for more details.


Bannerized Listing

Logo Listing

Priority Listing

Bold Listing

Regular Listing



Business Listings

See next page for product description.


Badge Ads

The Logic and the Options

Companies that Purchase Badge Ads

Placement & Targeting

Badge ads are positioned on every page within our site, to the right of the business listings. They provide a more visual (full color, graphics, pictures and even animation) advertising opportunity. The logic also provides companies an opportunity to advertise in related industries. For example, florists can place a badge ad in the SIC identifying “Gift Cards” or “Gift Shops”. A florist may also wish to place a badge ad in an “Open” or no SIC level which will allow the ad to appear throughout the website in a specified geographic region during an holiday season, just before Valentine’s Day, or for more coverage during an advertising program.

Companies conducting business in multiple cities, one state, multiple states, and nation wide will find that Badge ads have more advertising power than listings. Companies offering several different services can easily cross-industry advertise with only one Badge Ad--hitting multiple markets at one time!

Badge Ads Product Levels

Badge ads allow companies to specify the geographic levels they wish to reach. These ads are purchased according to coverage levels:

National: ad appears in each state searches.

Multiple States: ad appears in up to 10 (any combination) state listings.

Statewide: ad appears only in one state’s business listings.

Multiple cities: ad appears in multiple cities business listings.

Badge ads are further targeted according to SIC or industry specific classification:

Open (No SIC): ad appears in any search performed according to the identified geographic level. Open Badges have front page placement continuing throughout the website as long as no detailed ads appear for in the searched location and SIC.

1 SIC: ad appears only in searches for the specified industry classification.

2-5 SICS: ad appears only in assigned SICs.


The Logic & Progression of Badge Ads

Highest priority is reserved for ads that have the most focused advertising target. For example, ads targeting one city will show up (of course, when a search is done for that city) first ahead of statewide ads. As the number of highly targeted ads increase, broad-targeted ads are bumped down the line.

SIC Category


Breaking down Badge Ads

Give your clients greater value with these features they will receive from a badge campaign.

Affordably priced for the exact advertising coverage.

$29 - $775

per month

(Price based on level of coverage).

Get the perfect coverage; don’t over or under advertise again!

Pick from national, multi-state, statewide, or multi-city coverage. You tell us exactly when we show your advertisement!

Link to a URL of your choice. (Corporate homepage, or “special offer” landing page). This gives your company power to control its special offers from within company’s website without changing the advertisement. The default link is directed toward a brief information page.

Free performance tracking data available for each badge campaign for companies that request such services.

Campaign flexibility

Choose from a 3, 6, or 12 month campaign.

If your company needs to lengthen its campaign because of unanticipated results or market conditions, just add the subsequent months when needed with no penalty or extra fees.

Image specifications

Image Size File SizeDesign Specs

150 x 100 pixels 15k Animation Ok

150 x 50 pixel images are welcomed, however no discounts on pricing will be given.


Badge Ad Prices

Below are the prices for badge campaigns. The minimum length of a campaign is three months. Subsequent months may be added individually. Start a campaign with a 3, 6, or 12 month duration. The figures in the table below are monthly.

Bulk discounts are already factored into the prices above. For example, for a badge campaign with one Specific Industry Category:

With a coverage area of 2-4 cities, the cost per city is $9.75.

With a coverage area of 10 cities, the cost per city is $5.90.

With 20 cities the cost is $3.95. Covering 40 cities, the cost per city is $2.98.

We can extend the price per city out for companies desiring to advertising in 40+ cities.


Ordering Information

  • Quick and easy ordering process:
    • contact at (800) 977-8207, by directing your call to our Corporate Account Representatives.
    • complete and return Insertion Order Form
    • lead time is 5-7 business days from the date Insertion Order is returned.
    • client or agency emails badge creative to, along with clearly stating company name and contact information
    • campaign will begin on client’s specified date taking into account the lead time.
  • Yellow Pages, Inc. has graphic design services at competitive prices for companies who request such services. Our current rate is $40 per hour.