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Upward Bound Summer 2008 Digital Yearbook PowerPoint Presentation
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Upward Bound Summer 2008 Digital Yearbook

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Upward Bound Summer 2008 Digital Yearbook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Upward Bound Summer 2008 Digital Yearbook Individual Pictures Mock Elections Staff Classes Electives Just Say It Expressions Dorm Life UB Cruise UB Families Eating on Campus UB Goes to DC UB Goes to Lansing UB Live Table of Contents

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Presentation Transcript

Upward Bound

Summer 2008

Digital Yearbook

Individual Pictures

Mock Elections




Just Say It


Dorm Life

UB Cruise

UB Families

Eating on CampusUB Goes to DC

UB Goes to Lansing

UB Live

Table of Contents

Use the throughout the yearbook to get back to the Table of Contents


Sarah Bradford

Alejandra Bobadilla

Vanessa Delgado

Darlene Salas

Jessica Fuentes

Phi Do

Cong Tran

Thu Tran

Justin Reyes

Caleb Hoffman

Arturo Almanza

Fredy Santiago


Lupe Lozano

Osbelia Solis

Jose Juarez

Raul Lozano

Brenda Cuellar

James Watthanasintham

Jaime Perez

Felipe Gonzalez

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Alison VanDeusen

Alma Paredes


Claudia Aguilera

Marissa Arredondo

Leah Bracamonte

Magdelena Bramasco

Raul Solis

Priscilla Silvas

Francisco Panuco

Marlen Roa

Amanda Wheeler

Pete Tovar

Anna Cuellar

Miguel Garcia


Lewis Hernandez

Ashley Mongar

Bryce Curry

Ashley Munoz

Baltazar Nunez

Lilly Perez

Mitzi Caranza

Viet Tran

Edwynna Andry

Chantel Cavanaugh

Marisol Olvera

Corinna Pantoja


Raquel Douglas

Elizabeth Allred

Jessica Hageman

Autumn Wahl

David Freeman

Ondrea Holder

Lily Chao

Cazandra Quintanilla

Bianca Torres

Jasmine Torres

Abimael Bramasco-Romero

Anthony Anderson

next oprah
Next Oprah
  • The people that would most likely have their own talk show…

Marissa and Freddy

class clown
Class Clown
  • The people that make our classes funny…

Hector and Leo

class troublemakers
Class Troublemakers
  • The partners in crime…

Raul S and Leo

best smiles
Best Smiles

Alejandra and Phi

most athletic
Most Athletic

Justin and Hector

most clueless
Most Clueless

Brenda and Darlene

class snoozer
Class Snoozer
  • The two that sleep in class the most

Edwina and Caleb

class klutz
Class Klutz
  • The two that are always tripping, dropping things, and falling

Claudia and Francisco

most gullible
Most Gullible
  • The two that believe anything you tell them

Alejandra and Jessica

best sense of humor
Best Sense of Humor

Leo and Jessica

best laugh
Best Laugh

Bryce and Gabby



Our teachers and tutors are here to help us not only learn but they are also our friends~!~ Although at times they can get on our nerves, they are always by our side pushing us through for the better.



As you see classes in Upward Bound are not boring we make them really fun and crazy!!!!!!!!


Making Memories!


Swim and Fit!

Save a Life!

Fun and Fitness!



Just say it!

Leah Bracamonte

16 Holland High

“Don’t get loud with me!”

Gabriella Cuellar

15 Holland High

“Everything happens for a reason”


Pricilla Silvas 15 Holland High

“I try to expect to expect the unexpected; so that I’m never surprised.”

Alison VanDeusen, 15 West Ottawa

“Keep the piece and love.”

Lewis Hernandes, 15 Holland High

“Idk my bff Jill”


Ashley Mongar, 15

West Ottawa

“Hey girl hey”

Francisco Panuco, 16 Holland High

“Life is too short to live the same day twice!”

Jessica Fuentes, 16 West Ottawa

“If life gives you lemons,

Squeeze them on your enemies eyes!”


Mayra Roa, 16 Holland High

“If you think you have it bad,

Just remember someone has it worst.”

Ben Martinez West Ottawa

“Hello, this is SHELBY…

From Miami.”

Alejandra Bobadilla, 16 Holland High



Being yourself makes for a wonderful outcome in life. Everything we do in Upward Bound , we do it with laughter and an open mind. These pictures show how funny and goodhearted our students are.


Dorm Life

  • Life in the dorm was crazy!!! We get to stay with a roommate of our choosing. We have to be on our floor by 10:00p.m.

This was the Upward Bound cruise! It was a surprise so everyone thought that is was not going to be fun but it turned out to be a great experience! We all made good memories! : )


F A M I L I E S ! ! !

These are our Upward Bound families! The tutors are given a group of students and its their job to take good care of them. Even though the TA’s put up with a lot of things, they still enjoyed helping us out and we appreciated it too. We are missing one family and that is Emily’s. She was not able to make it that day. But her family will never be forgotten.


We are always hungry and Upward Bound keeps us full! Eating was our time to catch up and just relax with our friends before going to our next class.

On the way to Washington D.C. and back, a lot of people slept. Some in more comfortable ways than others.