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  1. Workshop

  2. InnovationInnovationInnovation eAssessment and eLearning May 2006

  3. Please use your voting button 1. How informed do you feel about e-Assessment? (Please select one answer) a) Well informed b) Reasonably well informed c) Heard about it but not aware of much detail d) I know very little about it

  4. eAssessment and eLearning Content 1 Introduction 2 Innovation in eAssessment 3 Innovation in eLearning 4 Personalised Learning 5 Importance of the Institute

  5. Introduction The future : ‘….to capture and accredit individual achievement, to national standards, at the point and level of attainment with seamless access to further learning opportunities.’ Personalised life long learning (and assessment) ‘ ….technology has to be the servant of the assessment and learning.’

  6. Innovation in eAssessment 1 onscreen marking 2 turning complexity into workable solutions - onscreen testing - e-portfolios

  7. Onscreen marking What is it? - secure / web-based - scanned images of candidates responses - item (question) based marking - home-based, using a standard PC - allows different categories of markers ( general / expert )

  8. Onscreen marking Exams are taken on paper in the usual way .

  9. Onscreen marking Each script makes one journey. Each script page is accurately scanned.

  10. Onscreen marking Example system. ePen The welcome screen

  11. Onscreen marking Typical student item being marked

  12. Onscreen marking Scripts marked onscreen (one system - ePen) Nov.2003 17,000 (6 papers) Jan.2004 45,000 (16 papers) Jun.2004 1,000,000 (46 papers) Jun.2005 2,900,000 (195 papers) Jun.2006 3,100,000 (227 papers)

  13. Onscreen marking Advantages for Examiners • Zero administration • Accuracy and control • Visibility • No mark reporting • No centre chasing • No totalling of marks

  14. Onscreen marking The SURVEY says……………… What examiners say about marking onscreen (ePen) ‘I have marked onscreen’57% ‘I am confident about using ePen’ 93% ‘Marking with ePen is easy’ 80% ‘I intend to mark onscreen again’ 90% Source: Independent confidential survey commissioned by Edexcel. Responses from 10,000 markers in summer 2005

  15. Onscreen testing 600 static centres. Innovation includes: Mobile test centre

  16. Onscreen testing High Stakes: GCSE Onscreen Testing Innovative items used Not just multiple choice Multimedia (Audio) GCSE Applied French - mock in Jan.2006 – 50 centres (1500 learners) - first live exam in June 2006 (50 centres)

  17. ePortfolio Assessment by ePortfolio - developing systems to moderate and, where appropriate, collect Learners work from ePortfolios - involves working with 3rd party suppliers and standards bodies to ensure access to information is possible across various ePortfolio systems

  18. ePortfolio An example of assessment by ePortfolio: Diploma in Digital Applications - Project brief delivered to the Centre via the internet - Candidates compile multi-media portfolio onscreen - ePortfolios are marked by the centre - ePortfolios then accessed by moderators via internet - moderator’s report sent to awarding body via internet - Certificate issued (on paper and through the post) ( ? One step away from assessment on demand ? )

  19. ePortfolio – Where next ? Design and Technology in the future ? PDAs Digital capture pens

  20. ePortfolio – Where next ? PDA photo captured images that may be annotated and printed. Digital capture pens store student answers electronically. Peers critique on the same paper

  21. Innovation in eLearning electronic texts eLearning resources Supporting teachers to support learners.

  22. Innovation in eLearning Active Book. Interactive onscreen version where the illustrations come to life * On-course Bringing learning to life * Simulating real life Run a virtual business

  23. Innovation in eLearning Supporting teachers: Exam Wizard create customised mock exams, topic tests or homework tasks using real exam questions over 3 years of exam questions, mark schemes and examiner reports in a fully searchable format

  24. Innovation in eLearning Supporting learners Exam Tutor - real exam papers - animated model answers - talked through by a senior examiner - access examiner reports

  25. Personalised Learning Results Analysis Service School average Student’s mark National average Every item listed Centre type average

  26. Personalised Learning Results Plus Major innovation in pilot this summer Gives students a personal profile of strengths and weakness against concept map

  27. Personalised Learning Personalised learning driven by e-assessment Student takes online test or Mock Exam Delivering raised achievement Online e-learning matched to needs ResultsPlus feedback

  28. Importance of the Institute Cannot prevent change Cannot prevent the advance of technologies CAN ….. - bring experience and skill to the debate - identify new opportunities and needs - challenge technology to meet the needs of learning and assessment ……INFLUENCE THE FUTURE

  29. Thank you ‘The world is moving so fast these daysthat the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone already doing it’ Elbert Hubbard (born 1856)

  30. Please use your voting button 2. How do you feel about the use of new technology in assessment? (Please select one answer) a) I welcome it as a positive development b) I broadly approve but have some questions c) It sounds like a good idea but I need to find out more d) It sounds like a bad idea but I need to find out more e) I have some serious reservations

  31. Please use your voting button 3. Which of these benefits is most important to you. (Please select one answer) a) The assessment process is transparent   b) It improves the accuracy of marking  c) Assessment feedback can be produced immediately d) It reduces paperwork and admin. for the assessor    e) It improves the speed of marking

  32. Please use your voting button 4. How prepared do you feel about the introduction of e-Assessment ? (Please select one answer) a) Well prepared b) Reasonably well prepared c) Under-prepared d) Not prepared at all

  33. Please use your voting button 5. What would help you in your preparation? (Please select one answer) a) Formal training course outside school/centre b) Formal training course within school/centre c) Conference workshop or seminar d) Information being made available on line e) None of the above

  34. Please use your voting button 6. How informed do you now feel about e-Assessment? (Please select one answer) a) Well informed b) Reasonably well informed c) More aware than before d) I know very little about it

  35. Thank you