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COMMUNITY RESILIENCY REPARING TO RECOVER “DEVELOPING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE” Breakout 7, 1-2:30 pm Wednesday October 13th, 2010. Sam Dickson MA Addictions and Mental Health Division Emergency Planner.

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Sam Dickson MA

Addictions and Mental Health Division

Emergency Planner

the 2 nd largest city in oregon
The 2nd largest City in Oregon

Started the school that is now Portland State University

Population of 40,000 people

The city was only 5 years old when it died overnight

Resilience is one of the buzz words that is running amuck in our emergency management profession today. Eric Holdeman October 2010
Building Resilient Communities: A Preliminary Framework Assessment.

Homeland Security Affairs September 2010

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Update to National Infrastructure Protection Plan

Includes Increased Emphasis on Risk Management and Resilience

GAO Report to Congressional Requesters March 2010

Disaster Resilience Indicators for Benchmarking Baseline Conditions.

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 2010

An Operational Framework of Resilience.

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 2009

Community Resilience and Principles of Mass Trauma Intervention.

Psychiatry 2007

Building Resilience to Mass Trauma Event.

Handbook on Injury and violence prevention interventions 2007

Facilitating family and community resilience in response to major disasters

J. Landau and J. Saul New York, Norton 2004

Resiliency in the face of disasters: Strategies for survivors and responders

SAMHSA FEMA Conference April 2010

There have been hundreds of articles over the past 50 years, explaining, promoting, and selling the concept of “resilience”. They are written in the language of psychology, biology, sociology, business, education and politics.


Community Resilience is developed by

  • Economic Development
  • Social Capital
  • Information and Communication
  • Community Competence

“As a hub of transient laborers from all corners of the country, few residents had any long-term connections with each other and little opportunity or interest to build them. The temporary nature of the new city contributed to an overall sense of insecurity and anxiety among residents. The lack of businesses and recreation opportunities contributed to a sense of distrust, and the relative isolation of the largely male workforce meant there was little demand for community institutions such as a newspaper or high school.”


Social Capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interaction… Social Capital is not just the sum of the institutions that underpin a society – it is the glue that holds them together (The World Bank, 1999)

social capital
Social Capital
  • How many schools (PTA, extra curricular activities)
  • How many Sports Programs
  • How many Churches
  • How many Community Service groups
  • How many and what type of Businesses
  • How many non-profit organizations
information and communication
Information and Communication

Getting your information into the system


The information is available,

But not shared.

The relationships are identified,

But not connected together.

The players are on the field,

But no one knows the game plan.

The job is assigned to someone,

But we are not sure who it is.

in communities resilience is related to
In communities, resilience is related to:
  • Magnitude of shock a system can absorb and remain competent
  • Degree to which a system is capable of self-organization
  • Degree to which a system can build capacity for learning and adaptation

Facilitate locally-driven measures to:

  • Assess and address vulnerabilities to hazards
  • Identify and invest in networks of assistance and information
  • Set achievable goals
  • Enhance capacities to solve problems
  • Collectively tell the community’s story
  • Engage in community rituals (activities)