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Colonial North Carolina

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Colonial North Carolina. Where do you get information?. Two Types of Sources. Primary Sources. Secondary Sources. Items created after something happened Talk about someone else’s experiences Examples: textbooks, newspapers, encyclopedia.

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two types of sources
Two Types of Sources

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Items created after something happened

Talk about someone else’s experiences

Examples: textbooks, newspapers, encyclopedia

  • Items created used by people that leave clues about their lives
  • Examples: letters, diaries, journals, maps, recipes, pictures, artifacts, documents, cartoons etc..
  • Historical Record
    • Evidence about the past
more primary sources
More primary sources

Oral Histories / Interviews

Photographs / Paintings / Prints

when were the colonial times
When were the Colonial times
  • This timeline will help you understand where in history the Colonial times were
what is a colony
What is a colony?
  • A colony is a settlement separated from, but under the control of, a home country
north carolina colonial records
North Carolina Colonial Records
  • For this unit we are going to be examining many different primary source documents.
  • We will be using a special collection found at a website called Documenting the American South.
  • This website has many different collections and is supported by the library at UNC.
  • We are going to be using the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina