intro to the cs windows machines l.
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Intro to the CS Windows Machines PowerPoint Presentation
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Intro to the CS Windows Machines

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Intro to the CS Windows Machines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intro to the CS Windows Machines ACM ( ) CS Tutors ( ) The CAT ( ) Printing – Adding Printers 1. Start the Add Printer Wizard 2. Select to add a network printer

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Intro to the CS Windows Machines

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intro to the cs windows machines

Intro to the CS Windows Machines


CS Tutors (

The CAT (

printing adding printers
Printing – Adding Printers

1. Start the Add Printer Wizard

2. Select to add a network printer

3. On Specify Printer dialogue box, select one of the first two options. If you select the second options, type


and all the available printers will be displayed.

  • For more information, read this knowledge base article on Microsoft's web site.
printers checking your quota
Printers – Checking Your Quota
  • Users get a $15 quota at the beginning of each term. To check your quota, log into
printing printer names
Printing – Printer Names
  • All printers are named systematically to match the following pattern:
  • For a list of printers, see
printing checking the queue
Printing – Checking the Queue
  • You don't have to walk across the room to check the printer.
  • Click the printer icon that appears in the system tray. This isn’t very reliable.
  • Run lpq from a UNIX or Linux host. For example, to check the queue of printer fab5517clr1, run this command:

lpq -P fab5517clr1

printing more information
Printing – More information
  • For more details see
e mail mail clients on windows
E-mail – Mail Clients on Windows
  • Pegasus
  • Web mail
  • Read mail on a UNIX or Linux machines using pine, mutt, mh, elm, etc.
e mail forwarding mail
E-mail – Forwarding Mail
  • Forward mail by creating a .forward file in your UNIX home directory. For detailed information, see
  • Forward mail using webmail's UI.
  • Create a symbolic link to you home directory in Linux and UNIX

cd ~ && ln -s . smb_files

samba accessing unix and linux
Samba – Accessing UNIX and Linux
  • UNIX home directory


  • Linux home directory


samba mapping the samba share
Samba – Mapping the Samba Share
  • From the command line

net use U: \\unix\unix /user:cecs\user

net use L: \\unix\linux /user:cecs\user

  • From the GUI
vpn connecting
VPN – Connecting
  • Change temporary password by logging into a Windows box on campus
  • Use domain name and user name (e.g., cecs\tspencer)
  • Make sure you have a directory called smb_files in your home directory
  • Detailed instructions can be found at
vpn uses
VPN – Uses
  • Access your UNIX and Linux home directory from any Windows computer using samba.
  • Print to CECS printers from your Windows or Mac laptop.
  • Access your files and documents in the Windows home directory


vpn more information
VPN – More Information
  • For more Information, see

PuTTY uses ssh to log you into a different computer over a network security. It can be downloaded from this site. It doesn't require any installation to be run.

putty things to know
PuTTY – Things to Know
  • When connecting to a UNIX host, make sure and set the backspace key to C-h
  • To copy anything you see on the screen, just highlight it and it will be placed in the clipboard buffer.
  • PuTTY is located on the Windows systems in P:\programs\tools\putty\putty.exe
putty automatic connection
PuTTY – Automatic Connection
  • Create a shortcut
  • Pass the password on the command line
  • Use a private key without a pass phrase
  • Use a private key and pageant
putty x11 forwarding
PuTTY – X11 Forwarding
  • To enable X11 forwarding, in PuTTY's configuration dialogue box, select the Enable X11 forwarding option under Conection, SSH, Tunnels. See the screenshot.
  • For more information, see X11 Forwarding in the PuTTY documentation.
writing code in windows
Writing Code in Windows

Once samba is set up, you can access your files in you UNIX or Linux home directly. With this in place, you can use a text editor or IDE to create, edit, and debug code. With PuTTY connected to a UNIX or Linux, you have an excellent working environment.

writing code in windows text editors
Writing Code in Windows – Text Editors
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • TextPad
  • vim
  • gvim (P:\Programs\vim63\gvim.exe)