THE OECD Standard Codes for Agricultural and Forestry Tractors
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THE OECD Standard Codes for Agricultural and Forestry Tractors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE OECD Standard Codes for Agricultural and Forestry Tractors Michael M. Ryan – Trade & Agriculture Directorate The OECD Inter-governmental Organisation Established in 1961 30 Member countries Works with over 70 developing and transition economies Multilateral Forum …

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THE OECD Standard Codes for Agricultural and Forestry Tractors

Michael M. Ryan – Trade & Agriculture Directorate

The oecd l.jpg
The OECD Tractors

  • Inter-governmental Organisation

    • Established in 1961

    • 30 Member countries

    • Works with over 70 developing and transition economies

      Multilateral Forum …

      • Address economic, social and environmental challenges

      • Economic analyses

      • Provides comparative data to underpin multilateral co-operation

      • Policy recommendations and good practices

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Directorate for Financial, Tractors

Fiscal and Enterprise Affaires


Directorate for Trade and



Development Co-operationDirectorate














Education, Employment, Labour

And SocialAffairs



Research & Innovation

Directorate for Science, Technology

And Industry





Structure of oecd l.jpg
Structure TractorsofOECD


Semi-autonomous bodies

Territorial Development Service

Executive Directorate

International Energy Agency

Development Centre

Science, Technology

And Industry

Public Affairs and


European Conference of

Ministers of Transport

Centre for Educational

Research & Innovation


Nuclear Energy Agency

Club du Sahel

Financial, Fiscal and Enterprise Affaires

Public Management Service


Development Co-operation

Trade and Agriculture



Education, Employment, Labour

And Social Affairs


Trade agriculture directorate l.jpg
Trade & Agriculture Directorate Tractors

Policy Analysis

  • Monitoring changes in agricultural policies

  • Medium term commodity outlook

  • Agro-Food Chain analysis

  • International Standards Part II Programmes

  • Bio-energy policies

  • Multilateral analysis of trade agreements

    (agriculture, manufactures, services,export credits)

Codes and schemes l.jpg
Codes and Schemes Tractors

  • Participation open to all countries

  • Voluntary programme – self financing

  • Currently 60 countries

    • Equal voting rights

    • First step to participating in other activities

    • Annual contribution

  • Four Schemes: – Seed Scheme

    – Tractor Codes

    – Forest Scheme

    – Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

Oecd standard codes for the official testing of agricultural and forestry tractors l.jpg
OECD Standard Codes for the Official Testing of Agricultural and Forestry Tractors

  • Background

    • Established in 1959

    • 29 participating countries

      • 25 OECD Member Countries

      • China, India, Russia, Serbia

    • National Designated Authorities

    • 9 Codes [2-10]

      • Performance & Safety Codes

      • >2 000 tested for Performance

      • >10 000 tested for safety codes

What is it l.jpg
What is it? and Forestry Tractors

  • RULES and DIRECTIONS for tractor testing

    Official OECD approval for a tractor

  • First Code established on 21st April 1959

    • Performance ….

    • Safety … ROPS & FOPS

    • Noise….

  • In constant evolution:

  • Objectives l.jpg
    Objectives and Forestry Tractors

    “one tractor – one description – one test”

    • simplify existing international trade procedures,

    • establish specifications and basic performance criteria

    • ensure a minimum of quality for the traded material

    • Transparency, facilitate trade, increase the agricultural machinery market

    9 codes testing l.jpg
    9 Codes ……Testing and Forestry Tractors

    • Performance: Code 2

    • Noise at the driver's position(s): Code 5

    • Protective structures: Codes 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

      • Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS)

      • Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS

      • Code 1… Repealed

      • NB:Quantifiable tests for reliablecomparison between countries

    Oecd standard codes l.jpg
    OECD STANDARD CODES and Forestry Tractors

    Oecd standard codes13 l.jpg
    OECD Standard Codes and Forestry Tractors

    Oecd standard codes15 l.jpg
    OECD Standard Codes and Forestry Tractors

    29 participating countries l.jpg
    29 Participating countries and Forestry Tractors

    • Non-OECD members:

      • China

      • India

      • Russian Federation

      • Serbia

    National Designated Authorities (NDAs)

    implement the Codes

    choose the Testing Stations to perform tractor tests according to the Codes

    How does it work l.jpg
    How does it work? and Forestry Tractors

    OECD Secretariat


    New Tractor


    Approval Number

    Approvals since 1959:

    > 2 350 for performance

    > 10 400 for noise or safety

    3 types of activities l.jpg
    3 Types of Activities and Forestry Tractors

    Oecd standard codes19 l.jpg
    OECD Standard Codes and Forestry Tractors

    • OECD Coordination Centre …

      • Quality Control …

      • Checks/ screens the reports from Testing Stations in member countries

      • Approval numbers…..

  • Cooperation with other Organisations

    • ISO ---- close cooperation

      • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

  • EU Directives ------- Equivalence

  • FAO ……

  • Oecd standard codes20 l.jpg
    OECD Standard Codes and Forestry Tractors

    • Performance Code

      • Code 2: Testing of tractor performance

        • Motor power, fuel consumption, traction, hydraulics, etc.

    • Protective Structures (ROPS) codes

      • Roll-over, noise, falling objects,….

    • Code 3: Dynamic testing of roll-over protective structure

    • Code 4: Static testing of roll-over protective structure

    • Code 5: Measurement of noise at the driving position

    Oecd standard codes21 l.jpg
    OECD Standard Codes and Forestry Tractors

    • Code 6: Testing of front-mounted protective structures on narrow track tractors

    • Code 7: Testing of rear-mounted protective structures on narrow-track tractors

    • Code 8: Testing of protective structures on track-laying tractors

    • Code 9: Testing of protective structures for telehandlers

    • Code 10: Testing of falling object protective structures on tractors (FOPS)

    Benefits l.jpg
    Benefits and Forestry Tractors



    Create a business environment to facilitate international trade

    • Test methods

    • Quality control

    • Reduced trade barriers

    Reducing regulatory costs

    Companies can be:

    • tractor manufacturers

    • tractor sellers

    • tractor users

    • End user – Farmers

      • Quality products

      • Comparable information

    Oecd standard codes23 l.jpg
    OECD STANDARD CODES and Forestry Tractors

    • To facilitate trade through the use of internationally recognised standards

    • To contribute to health & safety requirements

    • To contribute to improving environmental standards…

    • To improve collaboration between international standards setting bodies…

    • To share information and knowledge on best practices...

    New challenges l.jpg
    New Challenges and Forestry Tractors

    • Environment/climate change: pollution issues

      • Biofuels – blending/economical aspect

      • Reduced fuel consumption – engine efficiency

      • Emissions - exhaust gas

    • New types of tractors?

      • Changing crops and practices – ex: GPS

      • New sophistications – ex: foldable ROPS, tractor mass, round shape ROPS

    Enlargement l.jpg
    Enlargement and Forestry Tractors

    To major countries of the agriculture and forestry tractors industry

    • Brazil

    • Argentina

    • Mexico

      … Any country whishing to participate

    Role of the secretariat l.jpg
    Role of the Secretariat and Forestry Tractors

    • Coordination between the countries:

      • Production and distribution of official documents

      • Organisation of meetings

      • Ensures research progress

      • Develop and implement the programme of work: ensure its pertinence

    • Manage the budget

    • Evaluates candidate countries to join

    • Liaise with international organisations

    Meetings l.jpg
    Meetings and Forestry Tractors

    • Sub-group meetings:

      • Research Group

      • ISO/OECD

    Annual Meeting


    NDAs, Bureau, CC, observers

    1st Technical Working Group

    Technical proposals to update the Codes

    National engineers, Bureau, CC

    Test Engineers’ Conference

    Every other year (next in Korea, Sep ‘09)

    National Engineers

    2nd Technical Working Group

    Technical propasals to update the Codes

    National engineers, Bureau, CC

    How to join l.jpg
    How to Join? and Forestry Tractors

    Further information on the schemes l.jpg
    Further information on the Schemes and Forestry Tractors

    • Rules & Regulations of the OECD Codes

    • List of Codes ---

    • Guidelines for joining the Codes

    • Summary of tractor test reports Certification

    • List of National Designated Authorities

    Thank you l.jpg and Forestry Tractors

    Thank You