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The Maryland Digital Library MDL Program PowerPoint Presentation
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The Maryland Digital Library MDL Program

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The Maryland Digital Library MDL Program
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The Maryland Digital Library MDL Program

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    1. The Maryland Digital Library (MDL) Program by Kimberly B. Kelley Founder of MDL and member of MDL interim management group Associate Provost, Information and Library Services University of Maryland University College Todd D. Kelley member of MDL executive management committee and MDL interim management group Associate Vice President, Library and Technology Resources St. Marys College of Maryland

    2. Slide 2 With state support, put in place a Maryland academic library consortium to leverage human, financial, technology, and information resources Increase effective, statewide access to commercial electronic, library digitized, & library housed information resources & collections Link the MDL consortium to electronic publishing, distance education, Web based information serving, and digital library activity MDL Program Goals

    3. Slide 3 Leverage human, financial, technology, and information resources Realize economies of scale in purchasing, licensing, digitizing, preserving, and accessing digital content Encourage students, teacher, and scholars to use electronic resources and tools Expand access to Marylands unique resources Develop a single, statewide online library catalog

    4. Slide 4 Link MDL to state programs such as distance learning and MOL Expand capability to support higher education anywhere and anytime via a single, easy-to-use interface Increase coordination with Maryland OnLine (MOL),, SAILOR, etc. in Maryland Develop appropriate relationships with government, business, and with other segments of Maryland education, such as K-12 Track developments in the technology, licensing, and pricing of electronic publishing and use such knowledge to improve MDL and the competitive position of Maryland

    5. Slide 5 MDL Task Force Charles B. Lowry Dean of Libraries University of Maryland Kimberly B. Kelley Associate Provost for Information and Library Services, University of Maryland University College Larry Wilt Director of the Library, Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery University of Maryland Baltimore County

    6. Slide 6 MDL Program Development Schedule 1998 Need identified; Task Force formed 5/7/99 Present MDL Program to MHEC MHEC Approves in Concept MHEC submits MDL budget for Year One 12/14/99 Received Approval of Year Zero Funding 07/01/00 Accomplished tasks to put MDL into operation 07/01/01 First year anniversary of MDL!

    7. Slide 7 Current MDL Core Electronic Resources

    8. Slide 8 Databases Designated To be Added Access Science Books in Print & Ulrichs Cambridge Scientific CIS Academic Universe MEDLINE (OCLC) ISI Web of Science WorldCat (OCLC) CIS History Universe: Womens Studies

    9. Slide 9 MDL Statistics MDL users conduct over 2.1 million searches in the first year (7/1/00 6/30/01) MDL users retrieved 1.8 million full-text documents in year one 400 e-books made available in year one 3000 e-journals available in year one 52 libraries currently participating For some libraries, first electronic database access ever

    10. Slide 10 Support Needed for MDL Funds for consortial database purchases and offering one-stop access Funds to develop the statewide library catalog Funds to digitize, index, and distribute Marylands unique collections _________________________________ $ 2.9 Million per year Full Funding Needed

    11. Slide 11 Database Valuation for MDL Utility of Content: Quality, relevance to curriculum Price in Year Zero Continuity of product, its utility and pricing Ease of implementation Support for a Z39.50 Network Programming Interface

    12. Slide 12 Database Valuation for MDL (Cont.) Quality of Service (QOS) for Access Technical Support Usage statistics Training for staff and support for user training Authentication including IP authentication and support for individuals and groups off campus

    13. Slide 13 Current Funding $900,000 FY00 & FY01 hardware & 9 databases $500,000 FY02 Funds embargoed due to tobacco settlement suit ______________________________ $00 Current balance

    14. Slide 14 Current Situation MDL will have to shut down on December 31, 2001 unless its budget of $500,000 for FY02 is unembargoed!

    15. Slide 15 Questions? Is MDL important to the future of distance education in Maryland? Is Maryland competitive without MDL? Do Maryland leaders understand the importance of MDL for education? Does Maryland realize how the higher education library community has come together to provide an outstanding service at a very reasonable cost?

    16. Answers, Questions, and Comments Thank you