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bawana resettlement colony l.
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Bawana Resettlement Colony PowerPoint Presentation
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Bawana Resettlement Colony

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Bawana Resettlement Colony
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Bawana Resettlement Colony

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  1. Bawana Resettlement Colony Public Hearing on Security September 7, 2007

  2. In January 2004, the Tourism Ministry of the Government of India announced its plan of developing a 100 acre strip of land on the banks of Yamuna into a riverside promenade, to be marketed as a major tourist attraction in the lead up to the commonwealth Games. In February and April 2004, homes and community buildings in the area were razed to the ground leaving thousands of people homeless. These evicted families were relocated to Bawana on the margins of the city which has eroded their rights and undermined the livelihoods of several, leaving them in a state of permanent poverty and facing innumerable struggles to live with dignity in the face of assaults on their identity. (Excerpt taken from Swept off the Map-Surviving Eviction and Resettlement in Delhi)


  4. Shelter For All • Economic Development • Quality of Life • Safe Environment

  5. Jagori has been active in the upliftment of the Bawana residents and have carried out various programmes from time to time.

  6. Public hearing Keeping in view the problems faced by Bawana, Jagori Mahila Adhikar Nigrani Samiti organised a Public Hearing (Jan Baithak) on 6 September, 2007 on the problem of security in particular the security of women.

  7. Venue: Jhanda Chowk, Bawana J.J.Colony,Delhi Slogan:- Suraksha hamara adhikar hai, Hamari suraksha police ka kartavya hai

  8. Pamphlet distributed for the Public Hearing

  9. Panel Members • Sagarpreet Hooda, DCP, Outer Delhi • Jeetendra Kumar,Inspector, Narela Police Station

  10. Issues raised If a complaint is not taken up by the police, whom to contact Rules of registering a F.I.R The parameters in which police can arrest a person Where and whom to complain about a policeman’s misbehaviour. Rights of the accused Role of police in response to the domestic violence acts Role of police in response to the security of women in the colony.

  11. Course of the Meeting • Mass participation of the residents of Bawana • People came up with their problems, especially women • Inspector Jeetendra Kumar addressed the audience and offered solutions • Poster on the steps to be taken before going to a police station published by Jagori was introduced. • DCP Sagarpreet Hooda addressed the audience and promised to personally look after the security problems of Bawana.

  12. Testimonies • One of the residents of Bawana stated that when she had gone to complain in the police station after a fight with her neighbours, the police did not co-operate with her. They were not ready to listen to what she said and misbehaved. She asked the panelists that to whom she should approach if Police is not ready to help? • Another woman told how she was asked to bribe , by the police officials when she went to take his brother from the jail. She still doesn’t know why he was arrested and why she had to bribe them? • The police even showed negligence when a woman had approached them to save her from domestic violence. She asked who can help her in such situation?

  13. Inspector Jeetendra Kumar was poignant to hear the testimonies and showed regret for the negligence by his department. He assured to appoint more lady police in Bawana and asked them to directly contact him if any such case happens in future. He promised to fully co-operate with the residents.

  14. The Public Meeting provided a platform to the Bawana inhabitants to meet the authorities on a one to one to basis. It helped them in addressing their problems and find efficient solutions for the same. It was also a podium to recognise their rights and how they can stand for them and fight against any injustices. The promises made and the decisions taken during the meet are in effect since then and there has been remarkable change in the attitude of the police officials and the people as well. Jagori maintains regular checks on the behaviour of the police and whether women are safe in Bawana. If any breach , Jagori members along with the local people take effective actions against it.