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Cost of Westlaw

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Cost of Westlaw. ( Cost of Lexis is comparable). Ask @ sign-on (if you don’t see this screen, the firm has already decided for you). Westlaw Transactional Charges per Search :. State Cases $61 Codes (USCA & OCGA) $73 ALRs & Journals $120

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cost of westlaw

Cost of Westlaw

(Cost of Lexis is comparable)

westlaw transactional charges per search
Westlaw Transactional Charges per Search:

State Cases $61

Codes (USCA & OCGA) $73

ALRs & Journals $120

ALLCASES - All Federal & State Cases $194

Briefs $192

westlaw per minute charges under hourly pricing method all the searches you can run in 1 minute
Westlaw Per MINUTE Charges under Hourly pricing method:(All the searches you can run in 1 minute)

State Cases $8.95

Codes (USCA & OCGA) $10.50

ALRs & Journals $21 - $18

ALLCASES - All Federal & State Cases $20.98

Briefs $24

cost to the client
Cost to the Client
  • The most expensive databases (including briefs and people records) on Westlaw are charged at $24.00 per MINUTE (under the Hourly pricing method)
  • The average new associate’s time is billed out at about $175 - $250 per hour
  • Most firms have a contract and databases within that contract receive special pricing, but coverage may not be as comprehensive as law school
some things to be aware of
Some things to be aware of:
  • In Westlaw (not Lexis), as long as you are within your firm’s contract, there are no additional charges to print, email, or download. Just remember that whatever you do this year will set next year’s price for the contract, so a flat rate isn’t really a flat rate.


  • If you go outside of your firm’s contract, you will have to pay the standard Transactional or Hourly rates for those databases, PLUS charges to print and download documents range from $0.04 to $0.65 per line or $5.00 to $50.00 per document.
  • So if it’s just for your eyes, simply copy, paste and email to yourself or print locally. If it needs to look pretty for a client, then it’s appropriate to bill them for it.
15 Minutes spent

$24 x 15 min = $360

15 min at $200/hr=$50

Grand Total = $410

30 Minutes spent

$24 x 30 min = $720

30 min at $200/hr=$100

Grand Total = $820

Approximate cost for research using the Hourly pricing method:(Examples of Searching for Supreme Court briefs, which are classified as one of the “Select databases”)


Approximate cost for research using the

Transactional pricing method:(Example of a Search for Supreme Court briefs, which are

classified as one of the “Select databases”)

15 Minutes spent

$192 per transaction (unlimited locates w/in initial search per transaction until 2am)= $192

15 min at $200/hr=$50

Grand Total = $242

search vs find
Search charges:

Generally cost MORE

Search connect time and communications charges are now incorporated into per minute costs, transactional searches don’t carry these charges

Find charges:

Generally cost LESS

Primary Source: $10 per document

Secondary Source: $20 per document

Briefs & Trial Docs: $65 per document

** If you’re out of firm contract, use FIND

Search vs. Find
comparison of cost to obtain briefs using search vs find
Searching the briefs database for 15 minutes to find a single case:

$24 x 15 = $360 + $25 per print OR $65 per PDF image

Grand Total = $385 / $425

Using Find by entering a citation from a known Supreme Court case:

$10 per case + $65 per link to brief + $25 per print OR $65 per PDF page image

Grand Total = $100 / $140

Comparison of cost to obtain briefs using Search vs. Find:
obtaining briefs on the internet
Free other than your billed time

Supreme Court briefs are available on the Internet

Current & previous term merits briefs on ABA website (linked from Supreme Court site)

Supreme Court briefs on Findlaw

Solicitor General briefs on DOJ website

Interest organization websites for amicus briefs: use Google or find links from

Briefs in significant historical cases on the Yale Curiae Project site

Obtaining briefs on the Internet
additional charges for downloading and printing
Additional charges for Downloading and Printing

Cost is up to $65 per document

Briefs databases: $25 per document

Majority of databases (including cases):

$12.50 per document

additional charges for pdf images
Additional charges for PDF images

Briefs PDF docs: $65 per image

Reporter PDF docs: $20 per image

legal research on the internet
Free to find & print

Many primary materials available: cases, statutes, regulations, treaties, briefs

Increasingly legal research websites have better search capability

Google will let you search for documents by name

Government & Law Library websites can be reliable research sources

Find reliable links from the Emory Internet Legal Research Guide

Legal research on the Internet