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Contents (click topic) Employment numbers (life sciences) Health sector activities Types of work environments Research Production Quality Assurance / Control Health companies Health research Chemical and Bioscience Technology Employment Life sciences sector: ~ 4,200 employees

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contents click topic
Contents (click topic)
  • Employment numbers (life sciences)
  • Health sector activities
  • Types of work environments
      • Research
      • Production
      • Quality Assurance / Control
  • Health companies
  • Health research
  • Chemical and Bioscience Technology
  • Life sciences sector: ~ 4,200 employees
  • 41 companies (17 agri-food, 22 biomedical, 2 environmental)
  • 2300 are in 5 companies (Cangene, Biovail, Apotex, Monsanto & VitaHealth)
  • 30 research and development establishments employ 1900 people
  • There are 23 service firms that support the life sciences industries.
life science activities
Life Science Activities
  • Pharmaceutical research & production
  • Infectious diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer / oncology / child health
  • Non-invasive biodiagnostics
  • Molecular biology, Mapping & Gene Cloning
  • Proteomics & Bioinformatics
life science activities6
Life Science Activities
  • Bacterial Fermentation & Metabolic Engineering
  • Marker-assisted Gene Selection
  • Proteomics
  • Level 3 & 4 Bio-containment
  • Biological Mass Spectrometry
  • Role of nutrition in health
work environment
Work Environment

Three Main Areas:

  • R&D – Research and Development
  • Production
  • QA/QC – Quality Assurance / Quality Control
research team
Research Team
  • Works in a laboratory environment
  • Find product / idea with value
  • Characterize: composition, potency, etc.
  • Establish product specifications
  • Develop analytical / manufacture methods
  • Microbiological considerations
  • Raw materials & equipment specifications
research jobs
Research Jobs
  • Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Research Associate
  • Research Technician
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Laboratory Scientist
  • Media Preparation Technician
production team
Production Team
  • Works in a Production (GMP) facility
  • Makes the product – biochemical, etc.
  • Work with large volumes / equipment
  • Routine operation, cleaning, calibration and maintenance of equipment
  • Monitoring and control
  • Follow SOP (standard operating procedure)
  • Complete forms, labels, log-books (GMP)
production jobs
Production Jobs
  • Manufacturing Operator
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Production Technician
  • Pilot Plant Operator
  • Pilot Plant Technician
qa qc team
QA / QC Team
  • Works in office, lab and inspects facility
  • Monitor equipment, facilities, personnel, product
  • Review all production procedures
  • Ensures document / record accuracy
  • Test samples of product and raw materials
  • Compare results to established standards
  • Approve product release
qc qa jobs
QC / QA Jobs
  • Quality Assurance Technician
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Assay Analyst
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Internal Auditor
work environment14
Work Environment

Life Sciences = Regulated Industries

  • Strict controls for materials affecting human health
  • Facilities have to meet exact requirements
  • Methods have to be inspected and approved (Health Canada, FDA, etc.)
  • People have to trained, tested and authorized to participate
work environment15
Work Environment

Academic / Gov. Research

  • University or Research Organization lab
  • Investigate fundamental problems in biology / chemistry (etc.)
  • “Product” is knowledge or information
  • Research may have to be validated following GLP / ISO
  • Can require degree(s)
work environment16
Work Environment

R&D Laboratories in Industry

  • Work in-house laboratory (small / large)
  • Investigate with intent of a commercial product, conduct scale-up / pilot plant
  • Focused, aggressive, highly effective
  • Work conducting following recognized protocols: ISO, GLP, etc.
  • Require diploma / degree
work environment17
Work Environment

Production Facilities

  • Warehouse-scale manufacturing operations
  • May be highly sanitary
  • May be noisy and damp
  • Can be simple job or highly complex
  • Entry from college / high school
work environment18
Work Environment

Testing Labs (QA, Microbiol, Clinical)

  • Independent or governmental labs
  • Perform tests on samples / devices
  • May be highly routine
  • May be occasionally variable
  • Facility is often certified GLP / ISO
  • Diploma / degree required
health companies20
Health Companies

Apotex Fermentation Inc.

  • AFI uses fermentation-based technologies for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
  • The Winnipeg facility is the largest fermentation-based GMP facility in Canada.
health companies21
Health Companies

Biovail Corporation

  • Formulation, clinical testing, & manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.
  • Biovail has operations in the US and Canada, and a research facility in Ireland.
health companies22
Health Companies

Medicure Inc.

  • Development of drugs for cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
  • The company's lead product, MC-1, reduces ischemic injury caused by restrictions in blood flow.
infectious diseases
Infectious Diseases

Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health (CSCHAH)

  • A leading research location for infectious disease
  • Study human pathogens & zoonotic diseases, prion diseases, influenza virus, enterics, STDs, hepatitis, tuberculosis, genomics, antimicrobial resistance, & foreign animal diseases.
infectious diseases25
Infectious Diseases

Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health

  • The laboratory is the first and only global centre with level-4 bio-containment capabilities for the study of both human and animal diseases.

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

  • Involved in drug discoveries for the treatment of heart failure, ischemic heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Located at the St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre

National Centre for Agri-food Research Within St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre

  • Studies health-related benefits of natural health products
  • Evaluates health benefits, medical side effects, & athletic performance through research and clinical trials.
clinical trials
Clinical Trials

I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute

  • Links basic medical research programs at the St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre with patient care.
  • Conducts Phase I and Phase II clinical trials on cutting edge pharmaceuticals for heart disease & stroke.
medical diagnostics
Medical Diagnostics

Institute for Biodiagnostics (IBD)

  • The National Research Council's IBD investigates instrumentation and methods for noninvasive diagnosis of serious health conditions (cancer, arthritis, heart disease, neurological conditions, and osteoporosis).
  • Has the largest concentration of MRIs and NMRs for R&D purposes in Canada.
child health
Child Health

Manitoba Institute of Child Health

  • Dedicated to pediatric research
  • Has expertise in developmental pharmacology, respirology, genetics, and toxicology.

CancerCare Manitoba

  • A key R&D facility (HSC) involved with the prevention, care, and research of cancer
  • Recently constructed a $3 million breast cancer research facility (HSC)
  • Also involved with Radiation Protection consultations and measurement services.

Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology

  • Studies the molecular origins of cancer and the role of signal transduction pathways in regulating cell proliferation.
  • Also involved in developing markers of risk of developing invasive breast cancer

Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis (GCCRD)

  • Conducts research in genomic instability and mechanisms of neoplasia (formation of new tissue).
  • GCCRD is part of the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology (MICB), CancerCare Manitoba, and the University of Manitoba.

Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre

  • Creates diverse human disease models in mice, for rapid assessment of gene function.
  • Created a library of mouse embryonic stem cells, each with a defined mutation in a cellular gene to help disease modeling

Manitoba Centre for Proteomics

  • Analyzes human inflammatory diseases using proteomic approaches and identifies biomarkers for these diseases.
  • The Centre is partnered with Applied Biosystems, Ciphergen Biosystems, and Chemicon International Corp.

Biomedical Proteomics Program, University of Manitoba

  • The Biomedical Proteomics Program seeks to connect basic biological, agricultural and biomedical scientists with those scientists developing instrumentation and analytical software.
32,000 students, 110-plus programs
  • Applied Biopharmaceutical Processing
  • Applied Biology
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Applied Pharmaceutics
  • Chemical and Biosciences Tech Co-op
  • Environmental Protection Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Medical Radiologic Technology
  • MRI and Spectroscopy
  • QA/QC in Pharmaceutical Industry
chemical and biosciences technology
Chemical and Biosciences Technology
  • 2-year applied program at RRC
  • Features:
      • Co-op job placement
      • Exceptional laboratory training
      • Provides skills employers want
      • Enormous range of grad opportunities
  • Joint 4-year degree program with UW
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Bioscience Websites - David Blicq / RRC
      • Science Job postings
      • Manitoba Bioscience news
      • Course summaries and lab manuals
      • Resumé and Cover letters
      • On-line courses (viewable content)
additional resources40
Additional Resources
  • Other Content:
      • Study skills for science
      • Employer-requested skill-sets
      • Interview tips
      • Lab documentation GLP / ISO
      • Student pages
manitoba science
Manitoba Science

Opportunity & Innovation