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BANGLADESH. Bangladesh Introduction. The full name of the country: People's Republic of Bangladesh. Area: 143998 km. Population: 1 29 million people. Capital: Dhaka Ethnic groups: Bengali 98%, tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims (1998) Religions: Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998)

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bangladesh introduction
Bangladesh Introduction
  • The full name of the country: People's Republic of Bangladesh. Area: 143998 km. Population: 129 million people. Capital: Dhaka
  • Ethnic groups: Bengali 98%, tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims (1998)
  • Religions: Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998)
  • Languages: Bengal, English.
  • The main partners: the Countries of the Western Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, India, China, Singapore
c l i m a t e

The climates of Bangladesh are subtropical and tropical. The temperature is about 21 degrees of Celsius in a cold season and about 35 degrees of Celsius in the hottest season. Bangladesh has three main seasons: “a damp season " it begins from the end of May till on the beginning of October; " a cold season "it begins from the middle of October till end of February; and " a hot season " (known to Bangladesh as " a season of small rains ") which begins from the middle of March up to the middle of May. There is also “a season of cyclones “- from May till October and from October till November.

the nature
The nature
  • In a hot and damp subtropical climate the huge quantity of various plants grows in Bangladesh. Despite of it, woods borrow only 7, 5 areas Bangladesh. Marshy tropical wood Sandarac is widely known in the world, that it means “the Beautiful wood ", it is in the southwest of the country. There are about 334 kinds of flowers grow in this area.
  • Kat Hal is a breadfruit tree. Its juicy, with orange pulp fruits can reach 10 kg.
  • About 60 lands of Bangladesh borrow fields where grow rice and jute. Among the locust’s fields there are villages. Countrymen usually surround the houses with trees of a mango, litchi, coconut palm trees, palm trees of the Indian plum, trees Jackfruit and thickets of banana trees.
c u l t u r e

Bangladesh has a various cultural heritages. Ancient traditions, they are Buddhists, Hindu and Moslems. Weaving, manufacturing of clay products and terracotta sculptures - one of the earliest forms of art self-expression. The most known literary great works of Bangladesh poems are Rabindranata Tag ore and Nasrulla. In village folk is very popular and the theatre performances are usually arranged during a holiday of harvesting or during fairs. Bangladesh has a various national dances, but classical dances, basically borrowed at Hindus.

r e l i g i o n

Bangladesh is the country of several religions. They are: Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, Buddhists - 0,6, Christians - 0,3 and other 1%. The constitution guarantees all representatives rights of any religion

Weddings to Bangladesh amaze with the grandness

They proceed, as a rule, some days.

The big number of visitors is invited,

The rich table will be organized,

Gold ornaments for the bride are ordered.

t r a d i t i o n
  • People of Bangladesh have not lost their rituals and traditions. In a countryside youth welcomes seniors “a capture of ashes from legs ". It gives the privilege to the first to begin any action the Birth of the child mark distribution of sweets, as they say Sandish or Sandish Pitcha. Visitors are invited to a celebration; they bring to the child gifts. They usually put on the small child on temple black spot antimony from a malefic. The empty jug, a branch of a brittle willow, odd number, bird’s Salikh or a corpse - is considered by all this as an adverse sign for the beginning travel. The banana tree is- a subject for reverential fear. The Countryman never will go by it at night. A birth of the boy regard as success, and the birth of the daughter in most cases are undesirable. They say that the daughter should be married and she brings something as present to husband’s relatives. Moslems and Christians bury bodies died on cemeteries, Hindus burn them. Moslems spend commemoration "kulich an" for the fourth day of death, and Christians on fourteenth (covers). But Hindus has another ritual.
national holidays
National holidays
  • On February, 21st - Day of memory of heroes
  • On March, 26th - Day of independence
  • On April, 14th (15) - Bengalese New year
  • On May, 1st - May day
  • On December, 16th - Day of a victory
  • On December, 25th - Christmas
  • The holidays marked on a lunar calendar:
  • The Buddha Purnima
  • Juma-Tull-Bida
  • Id-Ul-Fitr
  • Id-Ul-Azkha
  • Id-e-Miladunabi
  • Durga-Puja
s p o r t s
  • As other nations as India or Pakistan Bangladesh population love all kinds of sports: football (soccer), cricket and field hockey.
i t c h e n
К i t c h e n
  • Bangladesh people, probably, the greatest fans to eat on all Indian subcontinents. Cooking - long enough ceremony which became a part of Bangladesh culture. Culinary preferences to Bangladesh were to some extent defined with a geographical position of the country. The fertile ground supplies inhabitants with various vegetables, fruit. A variety of Bangladesh dishes unusually the same as Asia dishes. But the greatest variety ways of preparation of a fish differ. Bangladesh use uncountable set of ways of preparation of a fish: prepared on pair or stewed with vegetables, stewed with greens or vegetables in mustard or flower sauce.

The typical Bangladesh food consists of a beef (or sometimes mutton, chicken meat or eggs) and the vegetables prepared in hot sharp sauce with mustard, lentil and white fig. the Fish is a component of a daily diet, but excessive fishing has led to an exhaustion of fish stocks in the rivers, therefore in the menu even more often there are various kinds of sea fishes. Not everywhere it is possible to order alcoholic drinks, for this purpose it is better to you to go to restaurants of five stored hotels.



Chicken with tomatoes

Baked -meat



Fish and sea products:

Fishes in mustard souses

Kerry from Carps



Potatoes with cabbages

Bangladesh salads

Bangladesh vegetables

Pressed mustard-potato

Dishes from beans:

soup-sauces with beans



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