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  1. Slide Serve Samantha De Tar Frances Sowula

  2. What it is… • A free service • Allows users to: • Share • Discover • View PowerPoint Presentations Online • Various Presentations • Speakers at Latest events • Hobbies • Interests

  3. What is does • The world’s most accurate software for converting PowerPoint to Flash • when you register with Slide Serve you will get a free software client • a PowerPoint add-in based on the powerful PowerFlashPoint engine, which allows users to seamlessly convert PowerPoint to Flash from within PowerPoint.

  4. Why it’s unique… • SlideServe allows people to easily upload and share presentations on www.SlideServe.com and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email

  5. How it is used… • Two Step Upload Process • First you title, give a description, tag it, and list channel/categories. • Second, you select your file, set privacy settings and you are done! • Isn’t that easy!?

  6. Features… • Friend users to share videos • Send messages • Watch public presentations • Monitor your views • Privacy settings (public or private options) • You do not have to be a user to watch presentations

  7. Use in studies… • FaceBook for PowerPoint • No need for flash drives • Prevents technology malfunction • No PC to MAC confusion • Group/Partner work • Share work without meeting (great for time restraints!)

  8. Use in teaching… • Use to post lessons/notes online • Students who are sick • Students who weren’t paying attention or missed part of the discussion • A great resource for students • A guide for studying (so students know what’s important) • Great for substitutes • They can pull lessons off the internet

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