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slide serve

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slide serve

Slide Serve

Samantha De Tar

Frances Sowula

what it is
What it is…
  • A free service
  • Allows users to:
    • Share
    • Discover
    • View PowerPoint Presentations Online
  • Various Presentations
    • Speakers at Latest events
    • Hobbies
    • Interests
what is does
What is does
  • The world’s most accurate software for converting PowerPoint to Flash
  • when you register with Slide Serve you will get a free software client
    • a PowerPoint add-in based on the powerful PowerFlashPoint engine, which allows users to seamlessly convert PowerPoint to Flash from within PowerPoint.
why it s unique
Why it’s unique…
  • SlideServe allows people to easily upload and share presentations on and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email
how it is used
How it is used…
  • Two Step Upload Process
    • First you title, give a description, tag it, and list channel/categories.
    • Second, you select your file, set privacy settings and you are done!
  • Isn’t that easy!?
  • Friend users to share videos
  • Send messages
  • Watch public presentations
  • Monitor your views
  • Privacy settings (public or private options)
  • You do not have to be a user to watch presentations
use in studies
Use in studies…
  • FaceBook for PowerPoint
  • No need for flash drives
    • Prevents technology malfunction
    • No PC to MAC confusion
  • Group/Partner work
    • Share work without meeting (great for time restraints!)
use in teaching
Use in teaching…
  • Use to post lessons/notes online
    • Students who are sick
    • Students who weren’t paying attention or missed part of the discussion
    • A great resource for students
    • A guide for studying (so students know what’s important)
    • Great for substitutes
      • They can pull lessons off the internet