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How Do You Write a Research Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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How Do You Write a Research Paper

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How Do You Write a Research Paper
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How Do You Write a Research Paper

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  2. Step 1. Select a topic. • Do not think that you can pick up any topic and write a great paper. In fact, this indicates lack of writing and analyzing skills because you might have no interest in the topic or there might not be enough resources for it. • You could end up with no information to use in the middle of the paper. No one would want that. • Therefore, choose a topic that interests you the most between given options. Interesting topic will provide you with extra enthusiasm to conduct a research.

  3. Step 2. Find necessary resources of information. • Searching for reliable information for academic papers is not an easy task because such information is only contained on special databases and sites. • You cannot use the information that is on the top of the search results. • It is advised to use sites of educational institutions, government agencies and some commercial sites.

  4. Step 3. Compose a thesis statement. • This is the main idea of the research paper. Be sure to compose it in one sentence and be as specific as possible. • Additionally, the thesis should correspond to your personal thoughts.

  5. Step 4. Make an outline • Make an outline that corresponds to academic requirements. This means there should be introduction, body and conclusion. • This plan will guide you through the writing process. • Additionally, you can include many subsections if the topic you are writing about is complex.

  6. Step 5. Organize the information. • Let’s assume you have composed an outline. It needs information to fill it in. • Many academics consider this step as the most important in writing because you select information and the logic of presenting it to the reader. • You should quote everything you took from other authors.

  7. Step 6. Write a draft. • Use your notes to compose the first draft for your research paper. • This is the time to summarize and use your writing skills to the full.

  8. Step 7. Proofread your draft. • Revision of the draft is important because grammar and punctuation mistakes are not acceptable. • It is recommended to double check figures and other specific information.

  9. Step 8. Write the final paper. • It’s time to compose the version that will be submitted to your professor. • Proofread it if necessary and make sure you have it before the deadline.

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